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Red Barn Goat Farm

Welcome to Red Barn Goat Farm!

Here you will find information about a variety of interesting things:

  • Raising Goats, Milking them & making cheese.
  • Raising free-range Chickens that lay green eggs.
  • Raising vegetables, culinary & medicinal herbs, fruits and gourds.
  • Farm Diary -- my often updated diary of farming observations.
  • Astonishing, expressive, beautiful music on CD that sounds like it came from another world.
  • Software that retunes your synthesizer to sound like just about anything -- great for authentic period music (Ancient Greek, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, 20th Century), or music from World Cultures (Indonesian gamelans, North and South Indian ensembles, the Middle East, Peruvian panpipes, Africa, Scotch bagpipes, Ireland, Ethnic east european instruments, China, Thailand, Japan, etc.), or crazy weird stuff that only you can imagine.
  • 3D Positional Audio Software that can move sounds outside of the speakers.
  • Letters and theories about all kinds of things.
  • Fun & games, pamphlets, and peaceful civil & cultural resistance.
  • Artwork -- some to make you think, and some that is just plain silly.
  • Reliable, top-quality software, hardware, and web engineering.
  • More!

Hope you enjoy it all. Let me know what you think,

X. J. Scott