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Goat within barn door frame

Squeegee is standing in the door frame of the barn where she lives with the other goats.
She thinks she is something special and can be fussy. Her dam was an 11-star milker.

Kids Frolicking

Kids like to frolick and run wild. Here they are about a month old but even one day after being born, you will see them jumping about, running around back and forth full tilt, climbing up stairs and leaping off of rocking chairs.

Goats on tractor

Blister examines the tractor and ponders, "Tractors are very interesting. I wonder what this part is for?"
Meanwhile, Squeegee is thinking, "After that guy leaves and I figure out how to get this thing started, I'm going to go for a ride."

in the barn

"Is that you?"

"Whatever you do, don't look behind you."


Goats are a good judge of character. The way I see it is there are three types of people in the world. Those that love goats, those that hate goats, and those that don't know yet because they have never met them a goat, or maybe not the right kind of goat. Although some say that all kinds of goats are the right kind and there is a kind of truth to that it is also true that some like some kinds more than others. But there are some kinds of people that don't like any kind of goat. You know them. you've met them. And I am going to tell you that there is another word for these sorts of people ... Untrustworthy.”

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