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06 Feb 2016 : Resistance

A while back I had a friend who did some art stuff. He was really prolific and would have some new piece he had created every day or every other day. He emailed me every day and asked what I thought of his work. For me it's a lot of work to create a constructive review and doing so for one person every single day is just too much time. He told me he just wanted my honest opinion. So I would write back when I thought something was decent, or had potential. Nothing he did was very compelling to me or the sorts of things I would normally enjoy listening to, but he was being creative and that was great and so I tried to encourage that. But when I would not give specific remarks he became agitated and would send me angry and disappointed letters requesting my full, detailed, and honest opinions. After a couple years of this I responded to a couple of his emails with comments that were not gushing with praise, but were rather containing constructive criticism. He went absolutely ballistic, sent angry livid responses that I dared to criticize his daily great works of genius, and started trash talking me to others.

Obviously I stopped saying anything at all about his work since he couldn't tolerate anything other than gushing praise and assertions that he was a great genius and everything he did was perfect.

His attacks and resentment against me and his growing hatred grew each year until I left my former field of expertise.

To this day I am extremely hesitant to review anything since so many people are extremely sensitive and can not accept praise of one work and dislike of another. So many can only tolerate everything they do being considered the greatest work of genius in history, and anyone that disagrees with their own self evaluation to be a fool and enemy.

Perhaps this is a side effect of the American Self Esteem movement that started in the 1970s in which even garbage is to be celebrated lest one's feelings be hurt. Possibly this makes sense with small children, but I doubt it. In an environment in which the only tolerated review is a declaration of merit, all children are special and everyone is the greatest artist of their generation, all reviews are meaningless.

In the field of microtonal music in particular, the unfortunate reality is that the overwhelming majority of works being produced are total garbage, and the people producing the music are oversensitive special princesses who can not tolerate anything other than universal declarations of their immense talent.

Is it worse than the field of contemporary pop music? No it's not worse, it's better and more interesting since contemporary pop music is a vast field of nothing. But adding the two fields together fails to rise above useless nothingless that no one will remember or care about.

When someone's work is not of great quality in my own opinion that doesn't mean I believe they are a bad person, it doesn't mean I don't like them if I acknowledge it, it doesn't mean I don't think they have potential. However, when they take great offense to my opinion after they have badgered me to hear it, yes, it probably does mean they are a bad person in the sense there is no possibilty for them to improve because they have insisted on created a feedback system in which negative feedback is not permitted. Linear Control Systems theory shows us what happens in those cases, without fail.

29 Jan 2016 : Stop Resisting

Stop Resisting

18 Jan 2016 : Fables of Faubus

Fables of Faubus — Charles Mingus

also: Hiroshima Remembers

10 Jan 2016 : what about tajikistan

Over the last few years of analysis and celebration of the many wondrous nations of central asia and siberia, I hadn't gotten around to covering Tajikistan. The Tajik language is unique for the area as being predominantly of Persian influence rather than Turkic. Most Tajiks live in Afghanistan rather than their homeland. Their rhythms and meters are a wonder to behold.

It's not that I haven't wanted to cover them though it's just that they have very few music videos that I know of to cover knoweldgably like I have been trying to do for the music of my friends in Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, and Yakutia.

It might be that the less avalability of artwork is to do general uncertainty in the nation due to politics. When one faces persecution for not supporting this view or another it is something can damages creativity and beautiful artistic expression. As does ideas such as that the powerful and rich for any reason deserve to be "exempt" from all prosecution, such as the situation where the standing US or Tajik president can not be charged with any crime.

05 Jan 2016 : telepathic wasps

Some years ago after the beepocalypse where all the bees disappeared, we had perfectly fine pollination from wasps and dozens of other strange and novel species of pollinators which were not european honey bees.

This has continued to this day. Pollination has never been at risk. This should be clear to all given the absolute fact that pollination has occurred globally for millions of years and european honey bees have only been around for a super short period of time.

We have all these super cool and bizarre looking pollinators and pollination this year was better than ever! And no european honey bees, which should take their colonialist mentality and go back to europe, I say, noting that indians saw the arrival of european honey bees as a sign of imminent doom, and that was a correct call.

But a few years ago there was a panic. And so the wasps, particularly the yellow jackets (there were also blue paper wasps and others in the area but the yellowjackets liked the apples), pollinated all the apples.

Later in the season the apples were falling to the ground and I was collecting them.

Yellow jackets were eating the apples!

I said, "Oh you very naughty yellow jackets, you are eating my apples!"

And the yellow jackets said back to me, "What are you on about? These are our apples, because we pollinated them. Is it not enough that we show kindness to not sting you for taking our apples? And yet you claim that that which we worked for somehow belongs to you! Amazing!"

Astonished at their insight and perspective I humbly whispered, "Oh my... you are right. Forgive me." The wasps responded, "Yes it's fine just go away now please."

And that year I left those apples to the real farmers, the wasps, who did the work.

Fast forward a decade. This year, the japanese parasitic blue wasps were hanging out on the golden rod each evening and would sit in clusters on each branch and chat with each other about the days events. They were the most beautiful artistic gorgeous wasps imaginable and I had the family come out to look at and marvel at them and all were amazed at their beauty.

When we all went out and got to close though the wasps got nervous. They were clearly looking at us and thinking "What are these people up to? I don't like these creatures staring at us like this!" They exuded nervousness. When the kids got too close, the wasps would start giving each other signals, then fly away to find another branch.

The wasps are intelligent and sentient in a way that bees are not.

Why are The Vatican, Monaco, Nauri, Tuvalu, San Marino, Lichtenstein, Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Maldives, Malta and Grenada all "nations" recognized by the UN? Yet not a single indigenous nation whatsoever such as the Republic of Lakota, the Republic of Kalmykia, the Republic of Shan, the Confederacy of Comancheria, and others, real nations, have never been recognized in any context whatsoever by this body? Does this not mean the UN is illegitimate colonialist bullshit only supported by slobbering ignorant racist half-wits? Does this not reasonably mean that this so-called body is obviously a completely illegitimate and comically absurd organization as pertains to the legitimate recognition of actual and legitimate nation status?

And here the story ends.
“There is no such thing as the voiceless, only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard” — Arundathi Roy
“indio sin tierra no es indio”