Jason Scott


When one decides to eat an elephant, it is most important to know if your consumption rate is greater than his growth rate.

This adage comes to full flower when you arrive at the decision to take on, for the first time, the ocean and become a blue water sailor.


C o n t e n t s

  1. First, Get Your Feet Wet... Real Wet!
    1. You Gotta Start Somewhere!
    2. Chipping Away at the Weakest Link
    3. The Rescue
    4. White Water Around Cape Blanco

  2. Landlocked!
    1. Meanwhile, Back on the Farm. . . .
    2. Preparing for Initial Cast Off
    3. A Placebo, Is a Placebo, Is a Placebo
    4. Cutting the Umbilical

  3. FOB Taiwan
    1. Chinese Checkers, Taiwan Style
    2. Living the Good Life in Taipei
    3. The Birth of a Yacht
    4. The Baptism of Rebel Yell

  4. Maiden Cruise
    1. Final Preparations
    2. The Honeymoon
    3. Kissed Off in Kaohsiung

  5. In Search of a Wayward Wind
    1. Landfall in The Friendly Phillipines
    2. Going Native in Salamague
    3. Mariveles, Gateway to Bataan
    4. Manila
    5. Palawan Passage, Gateway to Moroland
    6. Puerto Princessa
    7. Sailing into Dangerous Waters

  6. East of the Sun and West of the Moon
    1. Sailing to The Land Below The Winds
    2. Arabian Nights
    3. The Road to Singapore

  7. The Final Word: Be Prepared Or Be Lost
    1. Harbingers of Things to Come

How to Move About in this Book:

This book has seven parts. Each part has a header page with a part introduction and a table of contents. In each part, there are between one and three chapters per web page, depending on how long each page is. Some pages also have illustrations and pictures.

Navigation information to help you move about in the story is at the bottom of each web page.

To read straight through, always click on the green arrow in the green box with bold text.

For example, the next section is the beginning of Part I:

>>Part I

This green box will be at the bottom right, or the bottom middle, or the right middle, depending on if you are in a chapter, in the part introduction, or in the last chapter of a part. There will only be one box this shade of green in the navigation section at the bottom of each page. It will always lead to the next chapter or next part of the book.

To go back to the previous section, click on the yellow arrow in the yellow box. For example, Chapter 1 in Part I comes before Chapters 2-3. So at the bottom of the web page containing Chapters 2-3, you see:

<Chapter 1

To go back to this main table of contents from any other page, click on the orange box:

^^Rebel Yell

Other navigation boxes let you go to the introduction to the part you are reading, such as in this example, available from every chapter in Part V:

^Part V

From each part introduction, there are also boxes that allow you to go to the next and previous part introduction, such as this one found in the introduction to Part I:

>>Part II

The white box with gray text and a red circle just shows what page you are currently on. Clicking on the red circle takes you to the top of the current page. Example:

*Rebel Yell
*Rebel Yell
>>Part I