Rebel Yell by Jason Scott

Part VI



“And where will the magical kingdom be now that we ride the Wayward Wind?”
“Wherever and whenever your imagination meets at the crossroads of East of the Sun and West of the Moon.”
. . . . . Old Children’s Tale


One thing enjoyed in common by those who desire to move through the water at the whim of the wind is the ability to fantasize. Wherever one is, in a Sabot bobbing in the bay on a warm balmy day, or alone at night at the helm of a cruising yacht, it becomes clear that whatever draws one to that kind of life also reveals within each of us a talent for dreaming. Dreaming of things which might have been, or are within our grasp still if we want strongly enough for it to be so.

The old tales seem to verify that it is, indeed, the men of the sea who have had the exotic adventures with gods and demigods, those terrifying creatures of land and sea. They have been enticed by enchantresses who offered whatever their heart desired if they but stay a while, or have been shown vast treasures fit for a king of kings.

One name comes to mind when one speaks of encounters with intriguing places and the ultimate life style: Sinbad the Sailor! The question is, can one be a Sinbad in this day and age? The answer is yes! Sailors even in this time of jet age travel still can believe that somewhere in the world exists places Sinbad himself might have reveled in! Places replete with golden mosques, veiled women, turbaned sheiks, tiled streets, minaret spires and wealth beyond count. As in the days of old, the best way to get to them is as it was done before... by sailing boat. On the cruise of the Ketch REBEL YELL such a place was visited. It is still there for those intrepid enough to believe in it and go!

Part VI, Contents

  1. Chapter One - Sailing to The Land Below The Winds
  2. Is Anybody on This Island Straight?

  3. Chapter Two - Arabian Nights
  4. The Islamic and Benevolent Sultanate of Brunei
    Unparalled Hospitality
    Life Amongst The Natives
    The River Dwellers
    Off On the Road to Singapore

  5. Chapter Three - The Road to Singapore
  6. The Zombie
    The Jewel of The Orient and Gateway to The East
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