Rebel Yell by Jason Scott

Part IV



There comes a time, when you have your head in
the lion’s mouth, that you’ve gotta take it out.

. . . . . Anon



Jason Scott, skipper:

The most experienced blue water sailor board. He also shared ownership with wife, Chris.

Chris Scott, admiral:

A really good sport who hated anything to do with sailing. She couldn’t swim a lick and had a tendency to panic if she thought about the water being deeper than that which one finds in a bath tub. An excellent organizer and, in spite of her fears, a good shipmate.

Jeff Scott, deckhand & son of the skipper and the admiral:

A 10 year old boy more interested in chess, computers, dungeons and dragons and reading than in sailing. He eventually got in to the swing of sailing.

Campbell Fisher, first mate:

Experienced rag man with particular expertise in the coastal waters of Taiwan and Luzon. A career civil servant who delighted in sailing. Also a good mechanic.

Bob Peeples, deck hand:

A day sailor who was most anxious to get some cruising time under his belt. A willing, pleasant worker who reminded one somewhat of Mr. Peepers.

The Builder, factory owner:

He shall be nameless for obvious reasons. Referred to herein as TB. By Taiwan standards a good guy; by US standards a genuine and dedicated bad guy. His only concern at time of launch and departure was getting his money released from the bank and moving us out of the harbor before I found anything else wrong. He had government connections and used them!


He dressed like an outdated Esquire male model and ran around the dock on a silly looking Lambroghetti scooter. He served no real useful function and collected a nice fee for it. He was a harbor union requirement. No agent, no clearance. Even though I had to do all the work!

Tom Shay, native mystery yachtsman:

He was the man who led the ROC yacht racing team to the Olympics in Canada. He became a national hero when the Canadians deferred to the mainland Chinese and refused to permit the ROC team to participate. I suspect that he was a CIA type. If it were not for him, we would never have been able to sail an even reasonably seaworthy craft. He was, at the time of this story, the only ROC national permitted to own a private cruising yacht!

Now, on with the story!

Part IV, Contents

  1. Chapter One - Final Preparations
  2. Pre Sail Hijinks
    True Grit
    On Our Own
    The Great Day!
    Sail, Abort!
    Second Time Around
    Third Strike And We’re Out!

  3. Chapter Two - The Honeymoon
  4. First Day Out
    A Harbinger Visits
    “All Hands, Make Ready For A Blow”
    Riding The Gale
    Well, Nothing Is Perfect!
    Moi Fee’s Law Run Amuck!
    The Open Arms Welcome ... Taiwan Style

  5. Chapter Three - Kissed Off in Kaohsiung
  6. We Dock In Style ... Taiwan That Is!
    Life In The Midst Of A Chinese Fishing Fleet
    Harbor Of Refuge
    Chris And The Raunchy Rodent
    Stand By For Ram
    Chris and The Obstreperous Oriental Ogglers
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