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2017 Jul 20 : Moon Day

Happy Moon Day!

Rammstein - Amerika

2017 Jul 19

US will no longer arm, train and fund ISIS fighters in Syria

For years I've been writing here about my objections to the US policy to arm, fund and train ISIS fighters in Syria, for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Syria.

This horrible policy has resulted in massive destruction and suffering and follows similar American policies in the past such as the US arming funding and training Contra Rebels in Nicaragua, South Vietnamese fighters against the democractically popular North Vietnamese government, bin Laden against the Russians in Afghanistan, etc.

There never was any legitimate argument for funding and supporting ISIS, despite the support of warmongering globalist neocons such McCain, Obama and Clinton.

This is really good news.

June 20 update:

Syrian rebels alarmed by reports covert CIA aid will end

Rebels contacted by the Financial Times say their CIA interlocutors had not confirmed any change, and political opposition figures who met US officials this week say they, too, were given no hint of any change. The White House has not confirmed that the programme has been cancelled.


One rebel commander who asked not to be named said US support had been waning for months but noted that the rebels had been given their salaries as normal, last month. Still, he believed the decision was final. “The CIA’s role is done,” the rebel commander said.

2017 Jul 12

Discussion between Aphex Twin and (former) Korg Instrument Designer Tatsuya Takahashi on microtonality, pitch and design.

2017 Jul 10 : Toilet Monster

There was a shift recently and confirmed today.

Then, this evening I was in the bathroom with the lights out. For background, we have had no running water or working indoor toilets for a couple years now due to various problems.

I hadn't looked in the toilet for several months. But sometimes I look and there's mildew and I clean it. Absentmindedly tonight I opened the toilet to check it.

My consciousness was awakened. The normal pattern broke. There was a large dark log laying in the toilet. What on earth? Had someone used the toilet?

I turned on the light and saw ... it.

It was ... alive, and moving.

What it was I could not say beyond that.

Because of its enormous size there was no doubt that with the lid closed it had somehow crawled up the sewage pipe, squeezed through the trap, and entered the toilet bowl, which was dessicated due to the water being off so long.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed an empty oatmeal box, which I hoped would be large enough to hold it, the mystery entity that came from some realm beyond coherent comprehension, long enough to take it outside so it could leave and do whatever it was supposed to do.

When I returned to the bathroom, the toilet bowl was empty.

I have no idea where it is at present. I closed the toilet lid and the door to the bathroom. But I have little confidence that will do any good in these strange times.

2017 Jul 04

Standing Rock Going Green

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is building a 300 kilowatt solar generator project and a 50 megawatt wind farm. The tribe will be the sovereign owners of the power plant facilities rather than allow outside investors to have control. The wind plant generation vastly exceeds the energy needs of the tribe and will generate ongoing income in energy sales to communities outside Standing Rock.

2017 Jul 03 : Visit Puerto Rico

Honest Government Advert - Puerto Rico


2017 Jun 30

I bought a book about some fools who dug up Abraham Lincoln's corpse right after he died and failed in an exotic scheme to hold the corpse ransom for $200,000.

The bookstore notified me they would ship the order, and made a couple recommendations of books they thought I might like, based on my purchase.

One book was a translation of an obscure long out of print 1974 soviet treatise that analyzed microtonal music of every region of central asia. (edit: I subsequently got this and it is a 1975 translation of a 1962 soviet work. And it's great.)

The other book was about feminist perspectives, power and influence of Transoxianan musicians.

I had never heard of either book, despite having looked for just these sorts of things in the past...

So, yeah, these algorithms are getting pretty good at accurately picking up barely distinguishable signals above the noise of the long tail.

2017 Jun 19

Following today's announcement that coalition forces are to be considered targets, Russia and the United States are officially at war.

Now the neocon and neoliberal Russia haters out there who have been arming and financing ISIS to help ISIS kill Assad and destabilize Syria have what they want. McCain, Clinton, Soros, Al Saud, Netanyahu and Trump, all working together in harmony to achieve ... what exactly.

Perhaps they are expecting to enjoy what is coming now, the continued wanton destruction, chaos and death that is the result of all their hard work of destabilization and deranged plots. The consequences may not be exactly what they expect. But most likely it will actually be exactly what they expect since they have been so gung ho in the pursuit of these schemes for so many years.

You the public will be affected as well. There's a pretty good chance we shall see a universal draft come up fairly soon in response to the first shoot downs. Prepare to offer up the bodies of your children, siblings and selves in blood and flesh for what you will be told is a Righteous and Justified Great Sacrifice. Or be imprisoned if you are unwilling to do so. There's also a possibility of a futile and brief attempt by the US to use small yield tactical nukes on specific sites, something that has been murmered about more lately. That will not end well at all if that path is chosen.

2017 Jun 16 : Gulasal - Yor-yor | Гуласал - Ёр-ёр

Gulasal - Yor-yor | Гуласал - Ёр-ёр

Gulasal has an intense and chilling reflection on the issue of contemporary slave trafficking. This is an ongoing problem not just in her homeland, but throughout the world today, including in the US and Canada.

Umidaxon also addressed this very serious issue two years ago in her astonishing release Umr o'tar.

2017 Jun 16

Standing Rock Sioux Chair on Militarized Repression & Ongoing Lawsuit to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline

2017 Jun 14

Standing Rock vs US Army Corps of Engineers Civil Action No. 16-1534

2017 Jun 13

New Intercept article summarizing a recently released accountability report regarding US assassination drone strikes. The report was produced by the Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic and the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies.

The report: "Out of the Shadows: Recommendations to Advance Transparency in the Use of Lethal Force" [5.1MB pdf]

2017 Jun 7 : Adoption — Deportation

The US military bombs countries. Then US charities kidnap their children. Then after ruining their lives in the US through "assimilation" followed by cold-hearted abandonment where the christian parents "rehome" the unwanted kidnapped child, they are turned over to pedophiles, torturers, and psychotic abusers, let loose on the streets, or otherwise given up on. Those that survive to become become adults then they are declared illegal aliens, placed in prison suits, detained, and eventually deported to their homelands where they know no one and don't speak the language Rah rah. GBA. PJ.

2017 Jun 5 : Shahruz - Qo'rqaman | Шахруз - Куркаман

Shahruz - Qo'rqaman | Шахруз - Куркаман

2017 Jun 04

Bob Dylan - Nobel Lecture [soundcloud]

2017 Jun 02

Democracy Now interview about the TigerSwan war against indigenous peoples and the environment:

As Oil Starts to Flow Through Dakota Access Pipeline, Resistance Faces Paramilitary Security Force

part 2 is essential: Part 2: Private Security Firm TigerSwan Targets Pipeline Protesters in COINTELPRO-Like Operation

The original reports about this situation were posted previously, in days below.

This is related and relevant: Deranged, Violent Head of Blackwater affiliated anti-indigenous paramilitary organization being considered for new FBI Director

This guy as FBI Director is bad. He is a bad man. This is the top guy who is the chair of TigerSwan which is running the violent war nationally against peaceful water protectors discussed in the other articles. The COINTELPRO tactics he uses against US citizens have already been ruled unconstitutional but that hasn't stopped him since he has no respect for the law, the Constitution, freedom, or the environment. All he cares about is killing dark skins. His organization has a whole training center, financed by Blackwater/Academi, in North Carolina where they train teams how to smash into a residence and machine gun the family inside to death. They do this training because that is what these violent psychopaths actually do in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen to women, children, and the elderly there. Practicing in a North Carolina fake middle eastern town they built enables soldiers and militant contractors to come to see mass murder as normal and comfortable before they do it for real out in the field.

If this goes through, the next FBI Director will be a schizophrenic cross between Josef Stalin and Joseph McCarthy.

2017 Jun 01

Paramilitary security tracked and targeted DAPL opponents as “jihadists,” docs show


TigerSwan Situation Report to Energy Transfer Partners — September 13
TigerSwan Situation Report to Energy Transfer Partners — September 22
TigerSwan Situation Report to Energy Transfer Partners — October 3
TigerSwan Situation Report to Energy Transfer Partners — October 10
TigerSwan Situation Report to Energy Transfer Partners — November 9
TigerSwan Situation Report to Energy Transfer Partners — November 11
TigerSwan Situation Report to Energy Transfer Partners — December 21
TigerSwan Situation Report to Energy Transfer Partners — April 9

2017 May 31

Amy Goodman talks with Alleen Brown of The Intercept and Tara Houska, Director Honor the Earth about the anti-indian private mercenary force hired by Energy Transfer Partners.

2017 May 30

Edward Snowden spricht bei der Estoril Konferenz über Migration

2017 May 29

The Genocide of Brazil’s Indians

Columbus and his people cut off the hands of indians. This practice against indians by european colonists stealing and illegally occupying our lands has now returned on a large scale in the 21st century.

2017 May 28

American Navy Seals Massacre Children in Yemen

The US is now boots on the ground in their work assisting the Saudi Wahhabists in their genocide against Yemeni Shia tribes.

In addition to the face to face slaughter of children and an old blind man, the American attack helicopters made strafing runs to gun down the villager's livestock.

Happy Memorial Day, the day where we commemorate the actions of the US Military.

2017 May 27

Study links Facebook use to reduced gray matter volume in the nucleus accumbens

2017 May 27

Documents show US Military and State Department Contractor designed approach strategy, was in charge of intelligence gathering and analysis, and coordinated anti-protestor efforts at Standing Rock. Violent military methods were approved for use against peaceful water protectors because water protectors were compared by the contractor's analysis to "Jihadist Fighters".

This investigation found that the US and State Governments consider peaceful movements for indigenous sovereignty, environmental causes, and water protection to be a form of terrorism with a "strong religious component" due to the native spiritual beliefs of many of the participants. Standing Rock is referred to as a "battlefield" and the movement is called a "pipline insurgency". Those participating in demonstrations and activism in the US, being surveilled and identified as "terrorists", "jihadist fighters" and "insurgents", can now understand how they keep ending up on terrorist watch and no fly lists.

It was also discovered that the defense contractor's operations in their militant war against peaceful water protectors have now expanded to multiple states, and they have been joined by the US Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Department of Homeland Security, and other state and federal agencies.

One might wonder (given how easy it is to end up on a list if one stands up at all for the right thing), if someone isn't on both the terrorist list and the no-fly list by now, do they stand for anything? Do they believe in anything? No. They stand for and believe in nothing as they cower before their TV and cell phone screens, never having peacefully contributed anything valuable or worthwhile to the causes of society, democracy, freedom or basic human decency. If they did, they would by now be on these lists, labelled a terrorist insurgent, and considered an expendible and targetable enemy of the elite.

2017 May 26

CIA-armed militias are shooting at Pentagon-armed ones in Syria

Presumably the "good" news here is more jobs at arms factories in the US. Rah.

2017 May 25 : Manzura - Bo'ldi | Манзура - Булди | Manzura - It Was

Manzura - Bo'ldi | Манзура - Булди | Manzura - It Was

Videos depicting an inventor in a laboratory working on or with some fantastical technology are not uncommon in Transoxianan music. They are inspired by the great history of engineering, math, astronomy and invention that define the history of the region. Often the devices have a refined and beautiful steam punk appearance. It is not uncommon for the inventor to be wearing intricately machined brass goggles.

I love these videos on the theme of invention, whether they are about having to have your wife repair your shrinking ray after a mishap, ancient time travel devices providing insight to make a leader a better person, a spurned lover constructing a torture dungeon armed with a tetrad of holographic genies which perpetually chastise and mock the prisoner, cybernauts immersed in a virtual reality system losing touch with the real world, or other fantastic and fascinating scenarios.

In Manzura's Bo'ldi here the intro and outro music has a dimensionally warped microtonal ukulele sound that is perfect for describing the action.

2017 May 24 : Gulasal - Ratalla | Гуласал - Раталла

Gulasal - Ratalla | Гуласал - Раталла

For years Gulasal has blessed her listeners with her nuanced expert vocal techniques, her musical acumen and taste, and her traditional approach.

We also see here supporting non-western tunings the legendary Transoxianan TS-10 which for decades has been quietly in the background of countless music videos and live performances. It is starting to show its wear due to its being shared between such a vast number of different Transoxianan music groups who each care for it as a communal national treasure. This one specific instrument has possibly been involved in the creation of more microtonal music than any other electronic synthesizer in existance.

A review of its amazing tuning features explains why. It has full keyboard polyphonic aftertouch, 33 ROM tunings of which 7 have multiple tonic rotations, two sets of ten banks of six tunings on disk, full keyboard user tunings per patch, and a full keyboard user global tuning. Truly one of the most comprehensive and useful tuning implementations of any instrument in history and a very wise choice. Released in 1993 by progressive futurists and ended production in 1996. This instrument is at least 21 years old and has seen daily use. RIP Ensoniq Corp. A bevy of dedicated true artists who themselves enabled great music off the grid.

2017 May 4 : Context for Black Lives Matter

Our justice system treats black lives as mattering less than white ones.

Context for Black Lives Matter

2017 Apr 9 : Bibixonim

2017 Apr 7 : Дешті Қыпшақ | Kipchak steppe

Әбілқайыр Жарасқан - Дешті Қыпшақ

2017 Apr 5 : Telbaman (Sarvar & Komil)

Sarvar va Komil - Telbaman | Сарвар ва Комил - Телбаман

2017 Apr 5

Arantepacua is an indigenous community situated at the entrance to the Meseta Purépecha

Here we see happening today this very day in the european Spaniard dominated illegitimate state called Mexico the european Spaniards are machine-gunning indigenous indians to death. This is not so unusual. It's a very common thing for european whites to mass murder indians. But is not reported too much - if at all - by the white media you watch, for obvious reasons dealing with your desire to feel good about your genocides while watching the latest antics of your imbecilic heroes Honey Boo Boo, Mama June, Duck Dynasty, and the European Commission on Human Rights.

This year Canada is celebrating centuries of genocide, and here in the "USA" the goverment has shot grenades at peaceful indians protesting attacks on the sanctity of water, resulting in lost eyes and arms, as well as dog attacks, mass round ups and imprisonment in dog kennels. So a little mass murder of indians by our neighbor to the south is all in the course of colonialist european christian bullshit and mass murder, right? Situation normal: indians being attacked by ignorant psychotic illegal alien european fuckwad shitheads from a panoply of entitled supremacist christian denominations. What's not to love about this if you're the typical white ass european piece of useless criminal garbage that has access to the internet and is able to read this? Hey email me your complaints, remarks and justifications. I read them all, you stupid fucking pathetic dumbass criminal stormtrooping Nazi.

Represión de Ejercito Mexicano, PF y Estatales asesinan a indígenas en Arantepacua, Michoacán

Profesores y comuneros denuncian cateos y detenciones ilegales en Arantepacua


Represión en Arentepacua

2017 Apr 2

Çırpınırdın Karadeniz, bakıp Türk'ün bayrağına

This lovely classical piece is a collaboration between artists from Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Bashkorostan and Azerbaijan.

2017 Mar 30 : Yomg'ir

Shahzoda - Yomg'ir | Шахзода - Ёмгир

Shahzoda's new release Yomg'ir touches on issues of reality, perception, passion, love, and clinical diagnoses by external agents. It reminds me of Sardor Rahimxon's excellent 2014 work Malikam endi qara.

2017 Mar 29 : Qop-qora

Munisa Rizayeva - Qop-qora | Муниса Ризаева - Коп-кора

Presented as a camp-fire tale, Munisa references the historically factual Amazon people, a tribe of tall female nomadic warriors from Central Asia whom the Greeks feared, admired, and which were frequently represented in ancient Greek art. Debate over whether the Amazons existed was settled only recently when along the Uzbek/Kazakh border an ancient graveyard was excavated of tall women with both their battle armor and their weapons.

2017 Mar 28

About the Quipu Project
BBC coverage of the project

1864 Mar 28: some history of the term 'final solution'

1864 Letter to Major General Halleck from Commanding Major-General Pope

Milwaukee, Wis., March 28, 1864.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, Chief of Staff of the Army, Washington, D.C.:

GENERAL: I received yesterday an order from the Adjutant-General’s Office assigning the Sixth Minnesota Volunteers, now in this department on duty to the Second Corps, in the Army of the Potomac. I do not write to object to the order, but only to ask a suspension of its execution for a time. My reasons are, that if this regiment be removed from the Minnesota frontier before the new posts are fairly established and the expedition meet the Indians, there will be trouble and excitement on the frontier amongst the inhabitants which may entirely defeat our movements. There seems little doubt of a formidable concentration of the most powerful of the Sioux bands at some point on the upper Missouri. General Sully can only take into the field at most 1,200 men. I have directed Sibley to send him 1,600 men from Minnesota, which will give Sully about 2,800 men, by no means too many if the Indians make battle. Sibley is left with only 700 men on the Minnesota border, and they will be necessary for a time to keep the frontier settlers from abandoning settlements, precipitating themselves in the river towns, and spreading dismay and excitement through the State.

The result will be that the Department in Washington will be overwhelmed with petitions and remonstrances, and our whole military operations, which now promise a final solution of the entire Indian question on the northern plains, be brought to naught. As soon as I possibly can do so (and I am sure, general, the Department will acquit me of any fault hitherto in forwarding troops to the South) I will send this regiment en route for this corps on the Potomac. Unless I considered it essential to our success I would not think of keeping the regiment a day, and I hope still to send it off very shortly. In this connection, I send you extract from letters received from General Sibley, from which you will perceive the difficulties under which I have labored, and in fact, do still. Unless otherwise directed, I will suspend the execution of the order to the Sixth Minnesota for the present.

I am, general, respectfully, your obedient servant,

Major-General, Commanding.

A previous letter from the same Major-General Pope to Colonel H. H. Sibley, dated September 1862, also made completely transparent his meaning in referring to a "final solution of the entire indian question". He wrote: "It is my purpose utterly to exterminate the Sioux if I have the power to do so and even if it requires a campaign lasting the whole of next year." as well as "They are to be treated as maniacs or wild beasts, and by no means as people...".

These were not the only uses of the term in this meaning. As another example, consider the case of Dr. Peter Bryce, who inspected Canadian residential schools for Indian children and was aghast to find that they were essentially designed to be vectors for the transmission of deadly disease to indian children, noting that from 25 to 69% of students at every school were killed from disease contracted at the schools. He issued a 1907 report noting that residential schools were nests for disease transmission, were wholly inadequate, and that, "We have created a situation so dangerous to health that I was often surprised that the results were not even worse than they have been shown statistically to be." He recommended immediate reform of the system and his report was widely printed in newspapers in addition to being delivered with its recommendations to the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs.

Duncan Campbell Scott, federal Deputy Superintendent of the Department of Indian Affairs (who had in the past acknowledged that residential schools were successful in killing "fifty per cent" of the children enrolled) responded to Dr. Bryce's report with the following comment. His recommendation was to do nothing, since the system was working exactly as it was intended:

It is readily acknowledged that Indian children lose their natural resistance to illness by habituating so closely in the residential schools and that they die at a much higher rate than in their villages. But this does not justify a change in the policy of this Department which is geared towards a final solution of our Indian Problem.

This is relevant given the current situation where so-called Canada is currently pretending to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its supposed founding, which is in actuality 150 years of genocide, murder, rape, rampant child abuse, theft and cultural and environmental destruction.

These letters show that in the 19th and 20th century, the term "final solution" in the United States and in Canada referred specifically to genocide of american indians. Furthermore these are yet more data points among the endless and overwhelming documented proof that the United States and Canadian governments specifically intended to and did in fact commit genocide, a undisputable documented fact that to this day is endemically and systematically denied by nearly every white historian, archaeologist, anthropologist, ethnologist, politician, professor, teacher, museum curator and member of the general public.

2017 Mar 27 …

Салтанат Бакаева - Әгугай Құрбым

2017 Mar 25 : Fluency

I was reading that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart only spoke five languages with complete fluency: German, Latin, Italian, French and English.

How embarassing. These are only from two language families, both from the same region and with a great deal of overlapping vocabulary.

How can one know anything at all about people and the world unless they have fluency in languages from more than three completely different language families.

Don't let Amadeus' ignorance be yours. Don't stop at fluency in three languages like most have. Keep going.

There are rumors of those who only speak one or two languages, but they are only that, rumors. Obviously no intelligent being worthy of the label sentient would have stopped there.

2017 Mar 22 : Robot Love

VIA Marokand - Salom muhabbat | ВИА Мароканд - Салом мухаббат

Previous catchy fun from VIA Marokand: Tarnov, Hamma harakatda, Boychechak, and Alfa-beta

2017 Mar 22 : Visit Hawai'i

Honest Government Advert - Visit Hawai'i

2017 Mar 21 : Наурыз (Nauryz)

Happy Nauryz everybody! The week long festival of Nauryz starts today.

2017 Mar 18 : Hakuna Mattata - Chika BOMBA

Hakuna Mattata - Chika BOMBA

Rich D - Almaty / Алматы

Rich D. in Almaty article and interview.

2017 Mar 15

Real Indians Not Welcome at Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

THE RULES: OK to stay in an anthropological box of past history controlled and funded by supporters of white supremacy. Not OK to actually still be alive. Definitely not OK to be alive and defend culture and land, even through a silent patch on a jacket. But take a picture of the jacket, wait 50 years, die, wait 30 years more, then your photo is welcome on the wall of this place... as long as you no longer represent any challenge to white supremacist ideology and domination.

What kind of messages are allowed on shirts and jackets when entering these museums? Anything other than advocacy for native issues is allowed. People are allowed through with messages that say MAGA, Hillary 2016, Hillary for Prison 2016, Tuck Frump, etc. All allowed. No one with any of these messages is questioned or blocked from museum entry. But when the message said "Mní Wičóni", "Honor the Treaties", "Respect the Sacred", or other indigenous messages, it is these people who were blocked. Management says it is a simple misunderstanding and the museum bouncers searching and blocking people didn't know that messages were allowed on jackets. If that was true, why didn't they block the scores of other people with numerous other messsages. They didn't. The argument they simply didn't understand that messages on clothing was allowed doesn't pass the straight face test. Management says retraining will occur, and people should remain calm. Many water protectors came there from remote areas on buses. They don't own cars. This may have been the only trip they would make to that area in their lifetime. And they were not welcome, they were turned away.

The museum bouncers did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday. They are trained professionals. Every day they screen thousands of people. Every month, tens of thousands. A significant number of these people have hats, shirts and jackets containing political messages and statements. The guard lets all such people in, one after the other, with no incident and no comment. But when an indigenous person with a message of indigenous sovereignty comes along, or one of protection of the land and water, or one of respect for things held sacred by their nation, well then the bouncer stops them, turns them around: No, you can not enter here. Your message is not allowed. You are not allowed. Then, when the rare indigenous person pushes back and questions this action the bouncer hides like a coward behind an alleged lack of training, saying he had absolutely no idea that messages were OK if on clothing. How can that be truth when this same bouncer has passed through tens of thousands of people with other messages without saying a thing.

2017 Mar 15

Last week there were massive demonstrations across the country including at the Army Corps of Engineering headquarters and even the Whitehouse itself requesting that US law be followed regarding environmental review and indigenous consultation on the issue of the illegal DAPL pipeline.

The 45th President presented his response today. His response was to worship and hold a personality cult rally at the grave of one of history's worst homicidal mass indian killers.

As we know, 45 previously ordered that a huge painting of the genocidal psychopath Jackson be brought into the Oval Office. He has said the genocidal psychopath Jackson is a role model and personal hero of his.

Jackson was a genocidal psychopath, unrepentant racist, and "indian-killer" who ordered the Trail of Tears.

This was the same as having a painting of Hitler in the Oval Office.

Today 45 travelled to in Nashville to lay a wreath on the actual grave of his hero, the genocidal psychopath Jackson. He then gave a mass cult rally for his followers at the genocidal psychopath Andrew Jackson's homestead.

It is equivalent to laying a wreath at the grave of Hitler and having a rally at some place that Hitler lived.

This is his response to the illegal pipeline issue.

His response could not possibly be more clear.

2017 Mar 15

You keep telling me you wanted to vote for Obama a third time. Why? You have no legitimate reason other than that you think he's something called "black" and voting for him makes you cool.

Obama is a cousin of George W. Bush. Obama continued and supported Bush's policies. Obama supported the white supremacist message. Obama didn't do shit for civil rights, he absolutely fucked over and ass-raped the Occupy Wall Street movement. He had his Justice Department stand by and do absolutely nothing while week after week crazed racist police high on their power and other stimulants shot unarmed black people to death for nothing all over the country. He had his Justice Department stand by and do absolutely nothing when people protested this and law enforcement was sent out to attack protestors with chemical weapons and bullets. He had his justice department arrest and threaten Aaron Swartz with 50 years in prison for doing legal journal research, resulting in Aaron's suicide. He fucked over and lied to indigenous people. He stood by and did absolutely nothing when pipeline projects were submitted with no environmental review. He did nothing when his EPA screwed around with an old mine and destroyed the water supply of the Navajo nation. He did absolutely nothing to protect the civil rights of peaceful water protectors who were attacked with war dogs, locked water protectors in dog kennels, sprayed them with firehoses in below freezing weather, had their arms blown off with explosives fired by National Guardsmen, and made near blind by other attacks. He explicitly refused to release the political prisoner Peltier, even taking the time to write a letter saying he refused. He bombed the shit out of, tortured and undermined indigenous people worldwide. He was a fucking insidious white supremacist asshole. He was a white supremacist and he supported white supremacist ideology totally completely and without a single fucking exception. God damn it. Without a single fucking exception. And you support him because you are white and he supports your goals of global white supremacy. Cool. So fuck off with your bullshit. I've just laid it to waste.

If you want to support the white supremacist Nazi Obama who followed the white supremacist Bush, the white supremacist Clinton and the white supremacist Bush and the white supremacist Reagan and the white supremacist Carter and the white supremacist Ford and the white supremacist Nixon and the white supremacist Johnson, come and fight me bro. I will take you on face to face. I have lots of free time.

Or maybe get educated.

Or if you can't do either, why not shut your ignorant face up?

2017 Mar 12

Stealing Indian Children Is A Lucrative Business In South Dakota

2017 Mar 10

Scenes From the Native Nations Rise March in D.C.

American Indians from around the U.S. march on White House in rally for rights Native Americans march to White House against Dakota pipeline

Strengthened by Standing Rock, Native Americans march on D.C.

2017 Mar 7

Police win warrant to search Dakota Access Pipeline protest Facebook page

2017 Mar 7

In North Dakota, Protesters Are Heavily Monitored While A Pipeline Leak Is Ignored

2017 Mar 6

American Indians protesting Trump, pipeline with march

Memos Reveal Army Corps Knows Dakota Access Pipeline Violates Legal Requirement

2017 Feb 16

Pro-government tribal leader among dead in US raid in Yemen

25 Yemenis were killed in the American attack, 19 of whom were women and children. Of the men killed included a tribal chief who was a US ally.

2017 Feb 16

75th Anniversary of Bangka Beach Massacre

2017 Feb 11

Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police

2017 Feb 10

FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists

2017 Feb 09

Water Protector Updates

2017 Feb 09

Kurdish Democratic Confederalism

2017 Feb 04

Kurdish Ecological Socialism

2017 Feb 03

The Pom Pom Crab and its domesticated breed of trained hunting anenomes

2017 Feb 03

Chase Iron Eyes Released From Jail

2017 Feb 01

Eight-year-old American girl 'killed in Yemen raid approved by Trump'

If you know me at all you know this pisses me off. This asshole war criminal Trump murdered this innocent 8 yr old girl.

You might also know I spent the last 8 years complaining about these exact same policies of murdering innocent people in Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places which was executed by the war criminal Obama associated by his right hand psychopath killer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And the 8 yrs before that the bullshit that the asshole psycho Dick Cheney and his nitwit sidekick Bush did. You complained with me during the Bush years but then Obama a Democrat was elected and you didn't complain about, you stayed silent, and you thought that shit was OK because that was your side in charge doing the bullshit and since you're an asshole psychopathic narcissistic white person just like Donald Trump and Obama and Bush you just can't be bothered to give a shit about anyone other than yourself and your tribal political agenda consisting of terrorism against innocent brown people. So fuck you, right? Well I know how it is you'd rather I shut the fuck up about this since I'm crazy, blah blah, your agenda is right.

Now look, I'm glad you're finally mad again that the fucking asshole in charge of the so-called US is murdering innocent people including children. Because that's the right thing, to be upset about innocent kids being murdered by psychos. But the absolute fact you didn't give a flying fuck about this exact thing when your "party" is in charge means everything you say is bullshit and you should go fuck yourself you fucking hypocrite. Do I make myself clear?


Vista queda, porque largamente declarada, la industriosa cautela, no en la haz ni, segun creo, con facilidad pensada, sino por algun dia rumiada de Américo Vespucio, para que se le atribuyese haber descubierto la mayor parte deste indiano mundo, habiendo concedido Dios este privilegio al Almirante. De aquí conviene proseguir la historia de lo que acaesció á Alonso de Hojeda, con quien iba el Américo, su primer viaje. Partió, pues, con cuatro navíos, por el mes de Mayo, del puerto de Cáliz, Alonso de Hojeda, y Juan de la Cosa por piloto ya experimentado por los viajes que habia ido con el Almirante, y otros pilotos y personas que tambien se habian hallado en los dichos viajes, y tambien Américo, el cual, como arriba queda dicho en el cap. 140, ó fué como mercader ó como sabio en las cosas de cosmosgrafía y de la mar; partieron, digo, por Mayo, segun dice Américo, pero no como él dice año de 1497, sino el año de 99, como asaz queda averiguado. Su camino enderezaron hácia el Poniente, primero, desde las islas Canarias, despues la vía del Austro.

En veintisiete dias llegaron (segun dice el mismo Américo) á vista de tierra, la cual juzgaron ser firme, y no estuvieron en ello engañados; llegados á la más propincua tierra, echaron anclas, obra de una legua de la ribera, por miedo de no dar en algun bajo. Echaron las barcas fuera y aparéjanse de sus armas, llegan á la ribera, ven infinito número de gente desnuda; ellos reciben inestimable gozo. Los indios páranselos á mirar como pasmados, pónense luego en huida al más propincuo monte; los cristianos, con señales de paz y amistad, los alagaban, pero ellos no curaban de creerlos, y porque habian echado las anclas en la playa y no en puerto, temiendo no padeciesen peligro, si viniese algun recio tiempo, alzaron y vánse la costa abajo á buscar puertos, viendo toda la ribera llena de gente, y al cabo de dos dias lo hallaron bueno. Surgieron media legua de tierra, pareció infinita multitud de gentes que venian á ver cosa tan nueva. Saltaron en tierra 40 hombres bien aparejados, llamaron las gentes como con señuelos, mostrándoles cascabeles y espejuelos y otras cosas de Castilla; ellos, siempre temiendo no fuesen cebo de anzuelo ó carne de buitrera no los creian, pero al cabo, algunos de los indios que se atrevieron, llegáronse á los cristianos, y las cosillas que les daban recibieron. Sobrevino la noche, volviéronse á las naos y los indios á sus pueblos, y, en esclaresciendo, estaba la playa llena de gente, hombres y mujeres con sus niños en los brazos, como unas ovejas y corderos, que era grande alegría verlos. Saltan los cristianos en sus barcas para salir en tierra, échanse los indios al agua, nadando, vienen á recibirlos un gran tiro de ballesta; llegados á tierra de tal manera, los recibieron, y con tanta confianza y seguridad ó descuido se juntaban los indios con ellos, como si fueran sus padres los unos de los otros, y toda su vida hubieran vivido y conversado con ellos.

Era esta gente de mediana estatura, bien proporcionados, las caras no muy hermosas por tenerlas anchas; la color de la carne que tira á rubia como los pelos del leon, de manera que, á ser y andar vestidos, serian poco ménos blancos que nosotros; pelo alguno no le consienten en todo su cuerpo, porque lo tienen por cosa bestial; ligerísimos, hombres y mujeres, grandes nadadores, y más las mujeres que los hombres, más que puede ser encarecido, porque nadan dos leguas sin descansar.

Entendieron los nuestros ser muy guerreros; sus armas son arcos y flechas muy agudas de huesos de peces, y tiran muy al cierto; llevaban sus mujeres á la guerra, no para pelear, sino para llevarles las comidas, y lo que más suelen consigo llevar; no tienen Reyes, ni señores, ni capitanes en las guerras, sino unos á otros se llaman y convocan y exhortan cuando han de pelear contra sus enemigos; la causa de sus guerras entendieron ser contra los de otra lengua, si les mataron algun pariente y amigo, y el querelloso, que es el más antiguo pariente, en las plazas llama y convoca á los vecinos que le ayuden contra los que tiene por enemigos.

No guardan hora ni regla en el comer, sino todas las veces que lo han gana, y esto es porque cada vez comen poco, y siéntanse en el suelo á comer; la comida, carne ó pescado, pónenla en ciertas escudillas de barro que hacen, ó en medias calabazas; duermen en hamacas hechas de algodon, de las que arriba, hablando de esta isla dijimos; son honestísimos en la conversacion de las mujeres, como dijimos de los desta isla, que ninguna persona del mundo lo ha de sentir, y, cuanto en aquello son honestos, usan de gran deshonestidad en el orinar ellos y ellas, porque no se apartan, sino en presencia de todos; y lo mismo no se curan de hacer el estruendo del vientre.

No tenian órden ni ley en los mantenimientos; tomaban ellos cuantos querian y ellas tambien, y dejábanse cuando les placia, sin que á ninguno se haga injuria ni la reciba del otro. No eran celosos ellos ni ellas, sino todos vivian á su placer, sin recibir enojo del otro. Multiplicaban mucho, y las mujeres preñadas no por eso dejan de trabajar; cuando paren tienen muy chicos y cuasi insensibles dolores. Si hoy paren, mañana se levantan, tan sin pena, como si no parieran; en pariendo, vánse luego al rio á lavar, y luego se hallan limpias y sanas. Si se enojan de sus maridos, fácilmente, con ciertas hierbas ó zumos, abortan, echando muertas las criaturas; y, aunque andan desnudas, lo que es vergonzoso de tal manera lo tienen cubierto con hojas, ó con tela, ó con cierto trapillo de algodon, que no se parece, y los hombres y las mujeres no se mueven más porque todo lo secreto y vergonzoso se vea ó ande descubierto, que nosotros nos movemos viendo los rostros ó manos de los hombres.

Son limpísimos en todos sus cuerpos ellos y ellas, por lavarse muchas veces. Religion alguna no les vieron que tuviesen, ni templos ó casas de oracion.

Las casas en que moraban eran comunes á todos, y tan capaces, que cabian y vieron en ellas 600 personas, y ocho dellas que cupieran 10.000 ánimas. Eran de madera fortísimas, aunque cubiertas de hojas de palmas; la hechura como á manera de campana; de ocho á ocho años, dicen que se mudaban de unos lugares á otros, porque con el calor del sol excesísimo se inficionaban los aires y causaban grandes enfermedades.

Todas sus riquezas eran plumas de aves de colores diversos, y unas cuentas hechas de huesos de peces y de unas piedras verdes y blancas, las cuales se ponian en las orejas y labios; el oro y perlas y otras cosas ricas, ni las buscan ni las quieren, ántes las deshechan como cosas que tienen en poco. Ningun trato y compra ni venta ni conmutaciones usan, sino sólo aquellas cosas que para sus necesidades naturales les produce y ministra la naturaleza; cuanto tienen y poseen dan liberalísimamente á cualquiera que se lo pide; y así como en el dar son muy liberales, de aquella manera de pedir y recibir, de los que tienen por amigos, son cupidísimos. Por señal de gran amistad tienen entre sí, comunicar sus mujeres é hijas con sus amigos y huéspedes. El padre y la madre tienen por gran honra que cualquiera tenga por bien de llevarles su hija, aunque sea vírgen, y tenerla por amiga, y esto estiman por confirmacion de amistad entre sí.

Diversas maneras de enterrar los difuntos entre sí tienen; unos los entierran con agua en las sepulturas, poniéndoles á la cabecera mucha comida, creyendo que para el camino de la otra vida, ó en ella, de aquello se mantengan; lloro, ninguno, ni sentimiento hacen por los que se mueren. Otros tienen aqueste uso, que cuando les parece que el enfermo está cercano á la muerte, sus parientes más cercanos lo llevan en una hamaca al monte, y allí, colgada la hamaca de dos árboles, un dia entero les hacen muchos bailes y cantos, y viniendo la noche, pónenle á la cabecera agua y de comer cuanto le podrá bastar para tres ó cuatro dias, y, dejándolo allí, vánse, y nunca más lo visitan. Si el enfermo come y bebe de aquello, y al cabo convalece y se vuelve, de su casa con grandes alegrías y ceremonias lo reciben; pero pocos deben ser los que escapan, pues nadie, despues de puestos allí, los ayuda y visita.

En el curar los enfermos se han desta manera: que cuando están con el mayor calor de calentura, métenlo en agua muy fria, y allí lo bañan; despues pónenlo al fuego, que hacen muy grande, por dos horas buenas, hasta que esté bien caliente; de aquí hácenle, aunque le pese, dar grandes carreras en ida y venida; despues échanlo á dormir. Con esta medicina y modo de curar, muchos escapan y sanan; usan mucho de la dieta, porque se están tres y cuatro dias sin comer ni beber.

Sángranse muchas veces, no de los brazos, sino de los lomos y de las pantorrillas; tambien acostumbran vómitos con ciertas hierbas que traen en la boca; abundan en mucha sangre y flemático humor, por ser su comida de raíces y hierbas y cosas terrestres, y de pescado; hacen el pan de las raíces que en esta Española llamaban yuca; grano, dijeron que no tenian; carne pocas veces comian, sino era la humana, lo cual mucho tenian en uso, y esta era la de sus enemigos, los cuales se maravillaban de que los cristianos la de sus enemigos no comiesen.

Hallaron en esta tierra poca señal de oro, aunque alguna, ni de otra cosa que fuese de valor; echábanlo á que no entendian la lengua, mayormente, que hallaban diversas lenguas en una provincia. Del sitio y disposicion y hermosura de la tierra, dicen que no puede ser mejor.

Todas estas cosas cuenta Américo en su primera navegacion, muchas de las cuales no era posible en dos ni tres, ni en diez dias que podian estar ó estaban entre los indios, no entendiéndoles palabra una ni ninguna, como él aquí confiesa, saberlas, como es aquella de que en ocho años se mudaban de tierra en tierra por el ardor del sol, y que cuando se enojaban de sus maridos, movian las criaturas las mujeres, y que no tenian ley ni órden en los matrimonios, y ni Rey, ni señor, ni Capitan en las guerras, y otras semejantes; y por eso, sólo aquello que por los ojos vian, y podian ver, como era lo que comian y bebian, y andaban desnudos y eran de color tal, y grandes nadadores, y otros actos exteriores, es lo que podemos creer; lo demas parece todo ficciones.

2017 Jan 29

The historical background and history of the horrible immigration ban is infuriating to find out about. It is quite different from the narrative that has been spun.

It appears that the ban is an order to strictly enforce a law already on the books that was upheld and expanded under the previous administration.

2017 Jan 28

Refugees unconstitutionally detained and denied access to their lawyers at multiple US airports

The President says that people who hate the US Constitution should not be allowed in the country. Would he please start by deporting himself and all his supporters.

Eh, fuck it.

Yet more boring proof Obama funded ISIS, but we've been talking about that for years. Get your shit together people. Obama, Hillary, Trump, Bush 1/2, Cheney, Clinton and Reagan are all your enemy hellbent on destroying you for their own purposes. Fuck these guys. And also fuck NATO, and fuck your euro-weenie secretly terrorist supporting white ass regimes, you fuckiing assholes.

Obama funded ISIS you dumb-ass cocksucking morons

2017 Jan 28

Hey white folks that hate us indigenous persons, and continuously Trumpet your own supposed superiority.

Could you possibly write some microtonal tuning software that isn't an absolute piece of complete shit garbage like the so-called Scala which is typical of retarded no-talent ass-clown white-ass efforts?

Where are your brilliant achievements, white folks? You sure as fuck talk about it constantly and your god-emperor Trump or whoever the latest flash in the pan european white christian moron is in control.

Come on, you pedophile ass-fucks. Lay it on us. Where is your awesome software?

And please don't forget that the entire modern computing paradigm and user interfaces were entirely invented and created by 100% indigenous non-european people, also known as real people who don't have their heads up their asses like the stupid cocksucking european and european descendent uncreative dumbshit morons do. Fuck europe. Fuck the 'white' europeans illegally occupying our sovereign lands. Fuck all you who committed genocide against my people. Fuck you for saying that was a long time ago and you won a war. What war? What war was justifiable? You came and raped and murdered from day one. That is not a war. That is genocide. You and your people are assholes. Get the fuck off my land you cocksucking european white fucking assholes. Die.

2017 Jan 27

Why does Kenya have a military base in Somalia.

2017 Jan 27

Malia Obama has joined the struggle and is standing in solidarity as a water protector with the Standing Rock Sioux, united in resistance.

2017 Jan 27

George Orwell's novel 1984 has sold out and the publisher has ordered a new 75,000 run printing in order to keep up with people wanting to become familiar with our new President's key reference for his Master Plan for America.

since the inauguration, sales for George Orwell’s 1984 have increased by +9,500%

2017 Jan 26

Tohono O’odham don't want any wall through their sovereign land

2017 Jan 25 : Hassak-Yeniden Doğuş

Hassak-Yeniden Doğuş

Sand Lake is a big lake. Many people were there, underneath the water. They discussed among themselves how could they get up from the water, and how could they prepare to emerge from the lake.

Time passed.

The Summer Mother manifested to them. The people said This is our Mother. Four days later the Winter Mother manifested to them. The people said This is our Mother.

The people discussed how to get a person able to emerge from the great water. They said to the Man You are both male and female. The man said I am not male nor female. The people asked him if he would not be both male and female. He replied that he was not male nor female. Again they asked him. And one time more. The fourth time they said You must be male and female. He replied Yes, all right, I will be both male and female.

Being under the water they did not know the direction of the cold winds, of the sun's setting, of the sun's warmth, of the sun's rising, of ascendence, nor of descending. The people sent the Man who was both man and woman above. He traveled to the north, although he did not know what north was. The people said We wish you good fortune, if you find it, come and let us know. He returned after some time, dirty and dishevelled. The people asked what he had found. He said he found only the dirt, the earth, and mountains.

2017 Jan 25

Today, the "President" of the so-called United States (which currently is illegally occupying our sovereign indigenous lands) will announce a ban on entry of persons from the nations of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

(Leaked Draft Order)

Oddly this is also a list of nations of whose citizens have never committed deadly terrorist acts here.* (The same can not be said for the US funded and trained foreign terrorists who have been fighting to overthrow the legitimate governments of several of these countries, in collaboration with US and/or NATO military in attempts to create illegitimate brutal entities such as the so-called Islamic State.)

Furthermore, Nations of whose nationals have committed terrorist acts of murder, brutality and genocide against our people are not included at all in this ban list.

Such nations with a proven history of sending psychotic violent religious fanatic and criminals here to commit genocide, perform atrocities, steal land and resources, enslave and otherwise abuse citizens of our indigenous nations includes Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. Not a single one of these criminal terrorist nations has been banned from entry. Nor has any action been taken to deport the over 300 million current illegal aliens consisting of people whose ancestors are from these areas who illegally migrated or otherwise entered our lands at some point in the past, generally also known as persons of european descent.

How could a fair, reasonable and just mass-deportation be handled in order to remove the more than 300 million true illegal aliens of european descent, persons such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Richard Cheney, and millions of others without citizenship within an indigenous nation of Turtle Island? How does one identify such illegal aliens of european descent when there is a question or uncertainty, given the common lack of documentation and the many claims?

Some cases are easily resolved such as native persons from Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, Greenland, Alaska, etc. In many cases one can tell who is legitimately native simply by looking at them.

For cases where there is ambiguity or uncertainty a simple citizenship interview suffices. Persons simply need to demonstrate they are true citizens of an indigenous nation of Turtle Island. This demonstration can be done in a in-person interview conducted by other suitably capable citizens of their nation. The person will show their fluency and capability with their native indigenous language, will demonstrate in depth knowledge of the performance and meaning of traditional stories, songs and dances, preparation of traditional dishes, identification of edible and medicinal plants indigenous to their lands, and answering questions about sacred places and rituals which are not known to outsiders.

In addition, refugees would be allowed to stay. Refugees consist of persons who themselves or their ancestors did not enter of their own free will, such as the descendents of the hundreds of millions of victims of european slave trafficking. Such persons will be welcomed and matriculated into native nations if they wish, consistent with the behavior of civilized (ie non-non-indigenous) societies regarding the handling of victims of slavery.

* If you're interested in this claim, no visitor or immigrant from any of these countries has ever committed a terrorist act in the US. There's a list of post-colonial terrorist incidents in the US here. One striking fact is that the overwhelming majority of terrorist acts committed here against americans have been performed by white male american citizens. Of those performed by the foreign born, we have Palestine, Egypt, Pakistan, Chechnya, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, but none of the nations on the new ban list.

2017 Jan 24

Trump Advancing Keystone, Dakota Oil Pipelines Today, Source Says

Will North Dakota's 2016 war against the Lakota people and their land escalate to a United States 2017 war against the Lakota and their land?

White House press conference: Sean Spicer suggests Donald Trump will push through Dakota Access Pipeline

Trump Executive Memorandum on DAPL violates law and tribal treaties

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers rejected DAPL’s request for an easement late last year, finding that the agency had failed to fully consider the impacts of the pipeline on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The Department of the Army pledged to conduct a full environmental review of the Missouri River crossing and evaluate alternative sites, which would not put the Tribe at risk of an oil spill. However, that environmental review would be circumvented under today’s Executive Memorandum, allowing the project to immediately resume construction.

Sunoco, one of the American companies operating DAPL, has a poor record on pipeline safety and spill prevention. Data from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, show operators have reported about 200 crude oil spills per year, on average. More than 176,000 gallons of oil spilled in western North Dakota last month alone.

pdf file of environmental review order

pdf file of pipeline order to the Army

Standing Rock Sioux pledge to fight executive order: 'We can't back down now'

2017 Jan 24

ISIS has developed precision air bombing capability

Article might be hysteria though. It says the toy model they use, Skywalker X8, is available on amazon. There's a toy with that name on amazon but it's not the one shown that ISIS is using. However, you can order the toy shown direct from China. The kit at the link is $240 just for the fuselage (which has a 2 meter wingspan) and doesn't come with the R/C system, the motor, props, or batteries. It's not clear how much weight these things can carry or how far they can fly on a charge, but both are obviously much larger than typical toy quadcopters. However the size of whatever "bombs" they are talking about is still going to be very small. This is just a pretty standard R/C toy airplane though, so there's not really any stunning new development here. No doubt there will be new efforts put forth to ban or regulate toy airplanes.

2017 Jan 23

Bernie Sanders: "I am glad the Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead and gone. For the last 30 years, we have had a series of trade deals – including the North American Free Trade Agreement, permanent normal trade relations with China and others – which have cost us millions of decent-paying jobs and caused a 'race to the bottom' which has lowered wages for American workers. Now is the time to develop a new trade policy that helps working families, not just multi-national corporations. If President Trump is serious about a new policy to help American workers then I would be deligned to work with him."


2017 Jan 17

North Dakota National Guard Deploys Avenger Missile Launchers at Standing Rock

Avenger Air Defense System

The Avenger comes mainly in three configurations, the Basic, Slew-to-Cue, and the Up-Gun.

The Basic configuration consists of a gyro-stabilized air defense turret mounted on a modified heavy Humvee. The turret has two Stinger missile launcher pods, each capable of firing up to 4 fire-and-forget infrared/ultraviolet guided missiles in rapid succession. The Avenger can be linked to the Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (FAAD C3I) system, which permits external radar tracks and messages to be passed to the fire unit to alert and cue the gunner.

The Slew-to-Cue (STC) subsystem allows the commander or gunner to select a FAAD C3I reported target for engagement from a display on a Targeting Console developed from VT Miltope's Pony PCU. Once the target has been selected, the turret can be automatically slewed directly to the target with limited interaction by the gunner.

The Up-Gun Avenger was developed specifically for the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment for the Regiment's 2005 deployment to Iraq. The modification was designed to allow the Avenger to perform unit and asset defense in addition to its air defense mission. The right missile pod was removed and the M3P .50 cal machine gun was moved to the pod's former position. This allowed for the removal of the turret's cab safety limits which enabled the gun to be fired directly in front of the HMMWV. Eight of the unit's Avengers were modified to this configuration. With the 3rd ACR's redeployment from Iraq, the Up-Gun Avenger completed its role in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Avengers have been scheduled to be converted back to STC systems.

The Avengers come with both the missile launchers and 50 calibre machine guns. The article above mentions the surveillance drones activists are using, however this is propaganda since these systems are not intended for or capable of taking down hobbiest drones as hobbiest drones are not of the sufficient size or heat signature. The article also mentions that the Avengers are used at present only for surveillance and are not armed. This is propaganda too since these are never armed until before they are going to be used. Not having the 8 Stinger missile tubes loaded does not mean they can not or will not be loaded with Stinger missiles at any time, at a moment's notice. Also notable is that authorities made claims about the missile tubes not being armed and conveniently remained silent regarding the 50 calibre machine guns. Saying they are for surveillance makes absolutely no sense because there are far more cost effective and sensible surveillance options that using these systems, which have only been deployed in war zones, and have absolutely no business whatsoever being used in any capacity whatsoever against water protectors.

Also worth noting, these were deployed a month ago, under the oversight of the previous administration.

2017 Jan 17

Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning.

Thank you.

2017 Jan 17

As Obama Exits the White House, Never Forget His Destructive Imperialist Legacy

Americans are well trained, like programmable robots, not to feel any kind of emotion for those who have perished due to US military escapades.

Those who protested the racist and xenophobic Trump, but not Obama or Clinton, are nothing more that disingenuous frauds and amoral cowards. However if you have a track record of protesting the imperialist Democrats and Republicans, you have a duty to continue to do it. If you don’t have this kind of track record; it is long past due that you start. Your words and actions will go a long way in educating others, even if it’s only a small minority that listens. It only takes a critical mass of consistent and committed people to make positive, sizable and tangible differences! Keep fighting for justice! If for no one else, do it for future generations who deserve a better society. Let your actions be the moral compass that guides them to that brighter future.


If Hillary had won, the drone strikes would have continued. The wars would have continued. The spying would continue. Prohibition would continue. Whistleblowers would continue being prosecuted and hunted down. And minorities would continue bearing the brunt of these policies, both in the US and across the world. The difference is that in such a scenario, Democrats, if the last eight years are any indication, would remain silent -- as they did under Obama -- offering bare minimum concern and vilifying anyone attacking their beloved president as some sort of hater. Cities across the US would remain free of protests, and for another 4-8 years, Democrats would continue doing absolutely nothing to end the same horrifying policies now promoted by a Republican.

Trump's victory, if there is anything good to say about it, will at least breathe much needed life into an antiwar sentiment that has been largely dormant since Bush left office. Issues like drone strikes, torture, military occupations, mass surveillance, and other hot button subjects once protested by Democratic partisans during the Bush era will again -- hopefully -- be criticized and fought against.

2017 Jan 12

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9 Jan 2017

2017 Jan 7

U.S. Bombs Dropped in 2016

2017 Jan 6

Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

2017 Jan 4

Chicago Kidnapping uploaded by 'Brittany Herring' channel.

edit: Literal Nazi Fascist Google-owned YouTube censored that video claiming it was fake news. The news reports that it was real news. There are suspects in custody. If you use Google, you're a stooge of the Nazis. YouTube/Google intentionally censors and supresses authentic evidence of hate crimes and atrocities. This makes YouTube/Google the bad guys.

edit 2: Non youtube upload of the torture video: https://vid.me/jgEa If you agree with what the torturers did, email me your thoughts with your real identity. I promise I will post them here and give you a fair chance to be heard.

2017 Jan 3

First 2017 Beheading video of 2017

If you do not wish to see what John McCain/George Bush/Republican/Democrat/Independent supported and fundeded ISIS is actually doing, you should remove your bookmarks about this channel since we will be posting about this.

If you voted for ISIS supporting Clinton or ISIS supporting Trump or ISIS agnostic Johnson and not a sensible sane candidate like Stein, you are an enemy of humanity and should delete this site from your bookmarks. You may also wish to delete any useful products our dumb-ass indigenous savages have produced which you might have on your hard drive.

Supporters of Hitler and his reincarnation in Clinton or Trump are not welcome. Sadistic inane disgusting Nazi pieces of shit should meet with their own kind and pat each other on the back and talk about their twisted plans somewhere else. Not here.

2016 Dec 20

KANYKEI "Кайрадан", саундтрек к фильму "Легенды"

And here the story ends.
“There is no such thing as the voiceless, only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard” — Arundathi Roy
“indio sin tierra no es indio”