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September 12 2014

If you can not do, you do not know.

September 10 2014

Bayonets And Grenade Launchers

Among other items, local police departments in the US have recently armed themselves with 79,288 assault rifles, 205 grenade launchers and 11,959 bayonets.

11,959 bayonets. Will the bayonets join chemical weapons to be considered "common sense" and "basic needed tools" for the state's ongoing war against the threat to their authority and civilization itself which they consider to be represented by pro-democracy demonstrators? What arguments will the majority of the pro-statist, pro-authoritarian american public adopt next use to justify their enthusiastic, heartful and gleeful support of the use of bayonets by soldier-police against demonstrators? One can only imagine.

September 9 2014

სად წამიხვალ

ტრიო მანდილი - ზეცას შახენეო აპარეკავ

ტრიო მანდილი - რაჭული პოპური

ჯგუფი მანდილი - რაჭული

August 31 2014

August 27 2014

Yulduz Usmonova - Devonalarmiz | Юлдуз Усмонова - Девоналармиз

A fascinating, challenging and intense new video from the fearless Yulduz Usmonova.

August 24 2014

Three statements by Missouri Police Officer Michael Pappert:

"I'm sick of these protesters. You are a burden on society and a blight on the community."
"These protesters should have been put down like a rabid dog the first night."
"Where is a Muslim with a backpack when you need them."

Three statements by Missouri Police Officer Dan Page:

"I personally believe in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, but I'm also a killer. I've killed a lot. And if I need to, I'll kill a whole bunch more. If you don't want to get killed, don't show up in front of me. I have no problems with it."
"I'm into diversity -- I kill everybody. I don't care."
"There was a time in this country when pastors wore a military suit underneath their robe."

August 23 2014

We have known for a year now that the NSA has been tapping servers at top internet companies. These companies have all issued denials that they consented to or were aware of these programs.

Here is a statement in an NSA document from 2011:

All PRISM providers, except Yahoo and Google, were successfully transitioned to the new Certifications. We expect Google and Yahoo to complete transitioning by Friday 6 Oct.

In addition, these companies were paid by the NSA to help with costs.

More: NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies

August 20 2014

Why Insanely Expensive, Ineffective American Bombing Campaigns Will Always Get Funded

Drone Warfare is Neither Cheap, Nor Surgical, Nor Decisive
The Ever-Destructive Dreams of Air Power Enthusiasts

[W]hen it comes to killing people from the skies, again and again air power has proven neither cheap nor surgical nor decisive nor in itself triumphant. Seductive and tenacious as the dreams of air supremacy continue to be, much as they automatically attach themselves to the latest machine to take to the skies, air power has not fundamentally softened the brutal face of war, nor has it made war less dirty or chaotic.

Indeed, by emboldening politicians to seek seemingly low-cost, Olympian solutions to complex human problems -- like Zeus hurling thunderbolts from the sky to skewer puny mortals -- it has fostered fantasies of illimitable power emboldened by contempt for human life. However, just like Zeus’s obdurate and rebellious subjects, the mortals on the receiving end of death from on high have shown surprising strength in frustrating the designs of the air power gods, whether past or present.

August 20 2014

Turning America Into a War Zone, Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy:

For those who resist, who dare to act independently, think for themselves, march to the beat of a different drummer, the consequences are invariably a one-way trip to the local jail or death.

What Americans must understand, what we have chosen to ignore, what we have fearfully turned a blind eye to lest the reality prove too jarring is the fact that we no longer live in the “city on the hill,” a beacon of freedom for all the world.

Far from being a shining example of democracy at work, we have become a lesson for the world in how quickly freedom turns to tyranny, how slippery the slope by which a once-freedom-loving people can be branded, shackled and fooled into believing that their prisons walls are, in fact, for their own protection.

August 20 2014

Gulsanam Mamazoitova - Tanovar | Гулсанам Мамазоитова - Тановор

Gulsanam Mamazoitova is an incredible singer and we just don't hear enough of her work. Great news, she just released a new video for her song Tanovar. Bone chilling, emotional, gorgeous work.

August 20 2014

Soldiers of the militant occupation army that has beseiged parts of Missouri in a war against democracy and freedom continue to both assault and issue death threats against the people.

ACLU complaint resulted in the soldier being reassigned to a different area after his assault. However, officials and commanders refuse to disclose the name of the soldier who assaulted and threatened civilians. [Update: Officer Ray Albers]

August 19 2014

The real looting of Ferguson

The real perversion of justice by way of modern American racism is that black people in Ferguson – like black people in the greater St Louis metropolitan area and nationally – are marginalized economically and physically from day one. That is the real looting of Ferguson.

August 19 2014

Journalists continue to be attacked, arrested, illegally restricted, and assaulted with chemical weapons in the totalitarian american police state war against democracy presently unfolding in Missouri as heavily armed gangs of uniformed jackbooted militant thugs attack the people and deprive them of their fundamental right to demonstrate and assemble.

The "Show Me State" shows us the face of fascism, tyranny, and suppression of democracy. Perhaps your state is next now that extremists control what is left of the american governments.

August 18 2014

American soldier in Missouri filmed threatening to murder a reporter. Other officers refuse to disclose the name of the soldier who made the threat.

These are the police that have been seen recently in tanks, wearing battle fatigues, with sniper's rifles that they are targetting on unarmed peaceful democracy demonstrators, and who have fired tear gas at and arrested reporters and demonstrators.

Even more terrifying than these soldiers (often misleadingly called militarized police) are the americans who defend this activity and claim falsely that the US is a free country, or values justice.

The U.S. is a genocidal war regime. It is an illegitimate criminal entity. Those who defend this particular version of the U.S. on any level are depraved and delusional psychopaths. They are mentally ill.

A free america no longer exists. Whose fault is that? It is the rah rah american police state defenders who make excuses for totalitarianism. The police state defenders are the ones who truly "hate us for our freedom". This mentality was present during the days of Jim Crow, through the red scare, and through the era of lynchings. And it continues to infect the minds and spirits of much of america. These people hate freedom. They love authority, power, and abuse of power, believing it serves their own interests. Until it turns to bite them, as it always does. Just as Josef Stalin eventually betrayed those who supported him, so will the defenders of the american police state themselves be betrayed by the police state monster they themselves have created and celebrated for decades. They are making their bed they will lay upon. Unfortunately there is massive collateral damage of the innocent and those who hope for a better world.

August 18 2014

The 'Niggerization' of Michael Brown by the Ferguson Police Department and the Right-Wing Media


Dr. Cornel West: Plato in the 21st Century

August 9 2014

Happy International Day of the World's Indigenous People.

July 28 2014

Paul Dolden's amazing new album will be released tomorrow on Nexos' Starkland label!!!

Some may recall I was really excited to broadcast and discuss some music from the works on this album when I was a guest on WRFU Radio Free Urbana. Well the fancy high brow label version is finally out! Get it!

July 27 2014

Dildora Niyozova has been focusing on pop music, often with identifiable nuances of traditional singing, but lately has released several videos with a focus on classical and folk Transoxianian repertoire.

Dildora Niyozova - Ushshoq | Дилдора Ниёзова - Ушшок

Dildora Niyozova - Sevgi | Дилдора Ниёзова - Севги

Here's a nice example of her pop style, which is also one of the videos showing the immense influence of Cuban culture in Uzbekistan due to cultural exchanges during the Soviet era, similar appearances and values of the people, and the symmetry of the inverse relation between water and land between the two nations. Cuba is known as Ozodlik Oroli, the Island of Freedom.

Dildora Niyozova - Yana yana

July 13 2014

This evening, upon returning home from a Maker's Fair, we encountered some kids and a man standing in the middle of the road. The adult held a shovel. We stopped and they moved something out of the way with a stick. We moved slowly past and I looked down at the ground to see what they had moved.

There was a smallish yellow and black garter snake, about 3 feet long lying on the side of the road, his head in position to see me. He was still conscious, but his head had been partially hacked off with a shovel and was bleeding.

A little innocent garter snake just out minding his business. Happily eating mice that carry dangerous diseases like Lyme disease. Performing a real service. Harming no one.

After securing my things at the house, I went back to talk to them and explain that these snakes are harmless and helpful, but they were gone. They had all gone up to the neighbor's house, carrying the now dead snake. The neighbor was up there, with his gun holstered, glancing at me. It was clear from the way they were showing the snake and he was examining their work that he had sent them down to kill the snake. Some years back this neighbor had previously threatened to harm my family, while in the direct presence of his friend the Deputy Sheriff. I asked the Deputy at the time if he had any opinion about that threat and he told me, "To be serious it has to be more specific than that." This neighbor doesn't take kindly to having any of his various killings and schemes questioned, and often spends hours shooting his various guns, so I chose not to proceed with the explanation of the snake's harmlessness, which he knew anyway. The reason these people murder animals is because of their distorted religious framework that calls for domination and destruction of innocent creatures. I knew this because some years ago I was in a field with him and his children and picked up a black snake and they wanted me to kill it but I would not. I explained that these snakes reduce disease, are harmless and helpful and something that you want more of, not to harm. Their response to all these points was simply "Snakes have the Devil in them."

Whether killing garden snakes, shooting little turtles, murdering indians, or enslaving blacks, it's all the same philosophy and comes from the same place and is an endemic theme of this colonialist culture. A place of immense evildoing seeking to control, assimilate, enslave and destroy.

July 10 2014

Lola Ahmedova - Unutolmadim | Лола Ахмедова - Унутолмадим

It's been a while since Lola Ahmedova's last video, glad to see a new one. Lovely voice, very sentimental topics.

July 9 2014

Yulduz Usmonova - Yoningdaman | Юлдуз Усмонова - Ёнингдаман

Latest video from Yulduz Usmonova. For those not keeping up with the super coolest stuff, Yulduz is especially interesting because after her music was banned for being too activist, there was a great public outcry and her music was restored. Inspired by the support of her fans to fight the power, she ran for national Parliament and was readily elected. She's also cool and approachable, maintaining her indigenous roots which are apparent in some of her videos involving mountain tops. (This particular one is more popish and follows the new bicycle trend started last month by Munisa.)

July 6 2014

Ансамбль "Белое злато" / Ensemble White Gold

Колыбельная / Lullaby

Во поле туман / The Field Tuman

Огней так много золотых / Many Golden Lights

Ой горе моё, гореванье / Oh my grief, mourning

July 4 2014

Today, July 4, Great White Father Washington invites you to celebrate 238 years of white supremacy, genocide, land theft, colonialism, rape, slavery, war and murder under his new style of flag.

Accepting an invitation to celebrate such matters is a personal choice.

June 22 2014

Traditional Lao Gyroscopic bamboo fireball competition in Thailand.

June 2 2014

This frozen soup has three packets.

I wonder if I am meant to put the wontons in at the beginning?

Or should I instead heat to thawing the broth packet first, and then put in the wontons?

No problem, let me check the instructions...


"Imagine yourself sitting on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Central Thailand. You order a bowl of Tom Yam soup just the way YOU like it: spicy or not so spicy. With our True Thai Tom Yam Soup, you can have it either way. In addition to the frozen broth and package of spinach & mushroom filled wontons, in this package, you will find a packet of frozen lemon grass, Thai basil and chilis. Add what you like and leave out what you don't. In five minutes, you can be back on the banks of the river."



Um, I guess that means I should just add the wontons "whenever"? Cool.

June 1 2014

Каниза - Уйна

And here the story ends.