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10 Feb 2014

Status: We are currently in an extended Intermission as my brain processes, sorts and curates down to manageability the amazing huge volume of lovely things I wish to share with you all.

4 Feb 2014



3 Feb 2014

Mahmud Nomozov / Махмуд Номозов

In the deserts and wastelands, dwelling within ruins and old pottery are jin and jinniyeh spirits, seen by some as entities from another dimension which can project themselves into forms pleasing to those who encounter them. Most jin seek to avoid humans and maintain their own culture, religion, and traditions free from human interference. According to some theories, among the jin kind are those who were brutally harmed and enslaved by humans in the past, who never apologized or compensated them for these unjustified persecutions. These jin remain angry and work as they can to destroy or bewitch humans, inspiring wars, and spreading pestilence and disease in revenge to rid the earth of the human infestation. Most jin just want to be left alone. When a human stumbles into their abode, sees a jin and pursues them, some jin which are not actively malicious will take the opportunity to be mischevious. They may offer the human the promise of untold riches, foods and perfumes that appeal to the senses. The human who does not wake up from this may later be found, dead of thirst, laying in a sand dune, or in the corner of a ruin.

In this video the human momentarily sees past the shapeshifting forms taken on and manages to escape. The jinniyeh's form broken, she becomes a swarm of desert flies, progenitors of pestilence and disease which feast on decay and corpses.

On a personal note, it is more common to have reports of encounters with wrathful malicious spirits from persons who align as citizens of cultures that practice colonization, enslavement, superiority doctrines, and the destruction of other cultures. Such cultures sometimes even explicitly have stories of people seeking to abuse, control, manipulate or pester spirit entities. It is persons from these cultures who most often run into problems with wrathful sprits seeking revenge for past enslavement and abuse. On the other hand, indigenous cultures which have lived in harmony with the environment and with respect for spirits don't report as many problems with angry, vengeful spirits. Perhaps these entities are not really lesser angels of a smokeless fire as is taught by some colonizing faiths, but are the spirits of the ancestors, living in peace with their own people, but with no patience for the enemies that destroy their people and culture and land. In this case the spirits are not really angry with humans, but with enemy tribes whose people engaged in the destruction and oppression of the ancestor spirit's own people.

Ko'za afsonasi / Куза афсонаси — Legend of the Jug

A couple that has assimilated to western capitalist culture is dismayed when the car technology upon which they are dependent for mobility breaks down while in the desert. A mysterious horseman appears and disappears over a mound and arrives at an encampment of people living in traditional ways. The lost couple wonders around, crossing a bridge, playing in a stream, and becomes more relaxed, playful and happy. Nearby, a man on a roof is seen twisting a TV antenna, causing the people inside to leave the hypnotic screen and go outside. The encampment of people has staged a boisterous dancing parade through the town where the couple is wandering. They encounter their traditional cousins. At first they observe them as outsiders or tourists would, snapping photos. But then they recognize themselves, and their true nature, misplaced through years of immersion in western culture. Later they are alone and discussing their experience. The husband wanders off to make a phone call. From behind, the wife places a traditional hat upon her husband from behind, he turns and sees she has fully changed into the traditional dress of their people. Next they have acquired a horse and ride off into the Great Plains of Uzbekistan, their car and western lifestyle abandoned. In the final cut, the encampment is shown again and their cousins are cheering, clapping and waving at them, celebrating their decision to return to the harmonious ways of their tribe. The final pan sweeps from the land below up to the brillliant blue sky above.

Instrumentation at the start uses two particularly shamanistic indigenous instruments, starting out with the unmistakeable twang of the temir-chang, as ancient spiritual instrument which likely originated in the area. A chant is added, and then a melody played on a animal bone surnay (double-reed). This particular form of the reed instrument is very rare and it is extremely unusual to see it played. Its use at the beginning probably indicates a summon or call. Later the more modern hardwood surnay appears played from a roof. When an intense synthesizer line appears in the chorus, it is microtuned to play harmonious counterpoint with the traditional instruments. This is a distinctive characteristic of Mahmud Nomozov's work and quite different from what happens when the synthesizer appears in many other contemporary Uzbek songs by other artists have unfortunately acquired non-retunable synths. In the yurt encampment scenes, we see the now familiar dombira lute accompanied by the daira frame drum, and we see women within the yurt doing silk embroidery. Spectacular suzanis they have made are seen hanging from the dwelling's inside frame.

Bahshiyona qo'shiq / Бахшиёна кушик — Bakshi Song

Observant viewers may recall a brief scene of a tribal girl bashfully twirling her braids in Shahzoda's video "Qo’llar tepaga", discussed on Day 1. Mahmud Nozamov gives us here a poem celebrating the many ways of twirling and revolving. This lovely work takes places on the steppes, and features horses and traditional instruments and intonation.

Surxonlik qiz / Сурхонлик киз — Twirling Girl

The umbrella term of Jin covers many different types of entities with different natures. These entities are known by other names in other cultures, and often different kinds are seen as more distinct kinds of beings. In cultures which use the term jinn, they are generally seen as malicious and to be avoided, in particular by followers of proscriptive religions. Indigenous peoples often have different views and are able to work productively and harmoniously with beings from other dimensions, such as the अरि or پری.

Here, as moonlight streams into the yurt through its characteristic diamond latticework, tiny people visit and dance with the woman inside, who is delighted at the privilege and wonder of a visit from the friendly and lovely Pari.

Mahmud Nozamov's brilliant Bakhshi throat singing features prominently in this song, which has a very catchy tune. It's also another great example of tuning the synth to match the indigenous instruments.

Oypari — Moon fairies


Dilrabo / Дилрабо

Gul kelar | Гул келар

Next we have a wonderful full concert. At the end there is a treat waiting. Starting at 1 hr 23 minutes, we hear a bone-chilling Bakhshi performance by Shoberdi Boltayev of the Kungrad clan. Bakhshi is an art form of the people of Boysun. It is a form of epic storytelling using gutteral throat singing accompanied by the two string Dombra lute which you have likely noticed in many Uzbek videos. The isolation of the Boysun region resulted in the preservation of ancient worldviews, traditions, stories, arts and ways of relating.

A bit after Shoberdi Boltayev's Bakhshi piece, the concert finishes up with a stunning performance on an exceptionally rare animal bone Surnay (double reed). Bone reeds are hypothesized as ancestors of later double reeds such as the Dudek and eventually the oboe, but they were thought to be long extinct in use, last made or used several thousand years ago. However it turns out that their use was kept and passed down in remote pockets of Central Asia.

1.5 hr concert "Yurtim shamoli" from 2011

If you enjoyed Shoberdi Boltayev's Bakhshi singing, here is more of his work:


2 Feb 2014

Hosila Rahimova / Хосила Рахимова

I adore Hosila Rahimova. She doesn’t compromise. Many of her videos deal with indigenous issues.

This first song, Biyigul, is sung in the Qipchak dialect of Uzbek. This video portrays the physical, spiritual and cultural genocide committed against the Uzbek Turks by the Soviet Russians. Language, culture, and musical instruments were all banned. In this film, which depicts a true story, a father is arrested and taken away by the Soviets for the crime of playing his dambura. His children and wife never see him alive again. The family learns that Communism and the Russians are their enemy as the children nearly die of grief. The instrument lives on and through it the children are able to retain connection to their ancestors through the example of their father's and their people's music. Not just wood and wire, the traditional instrument and its playing are a spiritual practice. 50 years later, its independence reasserted, the people retain their identity. They pay respect to their ancestors, having managed to defy assimilation by Soviet colonialism and resist annihilation of their identity, by retaining traditional culture, even under penalty of death.

The song prominently features traditional instruments including the temir-chang and the dombira.

Biyigul (Leader) - Shomurod Baxshi Termasi

Hosila Rahimova is not afraid to take up her shamshir (scimitar) and mount her horse to reënact the battle of the warrior To’maris of the Μασσαγέται, in particular when she killed in hand to hand combat the deranged colonialist Emperor Cyrus ‘the Great’, as well as his massive army. These brave acts stemmed the tide of the obsession with the oppressions of tyranny and colonialism which Cyrus sought to spread throughout his known world.

From the Histories of Herodotus:

1.201 — When Cyrus had achieved the conquest of the Babylonians, he conceived the desire of bringing the Massagetae under his dominion. Now the Massagetae are said to be a great and warlike nation, dwelling eastward, toward the rising of the sun, beyond the river Araxes, and opposite the Issedones. By many they are regarded as a Scythian race.

1.211 — Cyrus advanced a day’s journey into Massagetan territory from the Araxes... Many of the Massagetae were killed, but even more taken prisoner, including Queen Tomyris’s son, who was commander of the army and whose name was Spargapises.

1.214 — Tomyris mustered all her forces and engaged Cyrus in battle. I consider this to have been the fiercest battle between non-Greeks that there has ever been.... They fought at close quarters for a long time, and neither side would give way, until eventually the Massagetae gained the upper hand. Most of the Persian army was wiped out there, and Cyrus himself died too.

The Massagetae still remember their history. They know who they are.

Тӯмарис / To’maris / Tomyris

In Hosila’s live concerts, for some pieces she even wrestles (kurash means wrestling) and pins opponents in martial arts battles. She is a real kurashchi.


Celebrating Uloq-Ko’pkari, the traditional horse game. Most outsider's exposure to the game has been of reports of its play from Afghanistan where it is known as Buzkashi, and is only played by men. Here we see Hosila join in on her own horse, making her moves. Clearly this is not the first time she has played Ko’pkari!


Alexander the Great's wooing of Roxana, daughter of Oxiart of Bactria. This took place in what is now known as the Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya provinces of Uzbekistan.

Roksana / Роксана



1 Feb 2014

Here is a full 2 hr concert from 2013 of songs by Uzbek superstar Shahzoda / Шахзода (born Зилола Мусаева) on her official channel.

And here’s a music video. Videos focusing on traditional stories, themes, dress and instruments are popular in Uzbekistan.

Habibi / Хабиби (Habibi is an article of address meaning 'my beloved')

Shahzoda has composed soundtracks for many Uzbek films. Many of her videos feature movie scenes.

Tilayman / Тилайман

Heart (Yurak)

Yurak / Юрак

In addition to songs made almost entirely with traditional instrumentation and thus using traditional tunings naturally and totally, many Uzbek pop songs which use synthesizers and drums also integrate traditional instruments and tunings by prominently featureing them for all the major riffs and hooks of the song.

Although present only very briefly in this next song, when the singing is done in counterpoint with - or as hocketing against - traditionally tuned instrument lines, the singer's intonation will code switch to match the respective tuning used in a given phrase. You might notice more extended examples in later songs as traditional tunings are used until a synth line in 12tET comes in, then the singing switches to be closer to 12, or even in some cases is autotuned to it, possibly done in production to alter traditional intonation to match western european ones. We will also look later this week at one artist who uses an older synth that was designed with full keyboard microtonal tuning tables, and this artist is able to escape damage to the music by the modern european tuning. In traditional Uzbek musics, winds and strings are tuned using different tuning systems and are not usually played together at once, thus singers are used to switching intonation systems.

Note in this piece that the dombira player in the opening wears a Telpak (the long wool hat). This identifies the wearer as either a Turkman, or as an Uzbek from the Khiva region.

A major cultural practice referenced in the work is the references to braid twirling, such as at 31, 45 and 53 seconds. This practice will be presented in more depth in a video we'll look at on Day 3. A fascinating and beautifully subtle artistic touch is how the twirling at 31 seconds is mirrored by the photographer's camera lens cover move at 34 seconds. This is repeated at 43 seconds, then immediately the braid twirl follows in perfectly choreographed symmetry. The spin later manifests at ring tumbling at 1'10". Then, in the middle-time life sequence, one of the girls with mid-modern dress, but lacking traditional braids still practices her traditional twirly moves as seen in her beaded-necklace twiddling at 1'40". Finally, in the dramatic conclusion of the work taking place in present-time, the rotation theme occurs one last time starting at 2'28". Looking back to the beginning of the film to see if there is symmetry there, there is! At 6 seconds, the ring box is twirled, the same ring box containing the ring that will later spin, out of control, past the one it was not intended for, and into the hands of the beloved. Aside from the more obvious physical spinning twiddling twirling and rotating gestures, there is an extremely subtle easter egg as well. All the time-jump scene cuts are executed with a spiral-whirl cut effect that only takes one or two frames. It can not even be noticed without going frame by frame! None of these elements are coincidental, they are central to the work. The braid spinning is important and intentionally placed throughout and will be instantly noticable to Uzbek viewers.

We also see for the first time this week what will be a commonly observed Uzbek theme of streams of personality reincarnating and pursuing romantic destiny across time. The same persons appear at many different times, have the same friends, and rediscover and pursue their soul mate from another time again and again. In some works we will even see trance states, often associated with metal jewelry which appears to facilitate insights and knowledge gained from an intense reëxperiencing of past time memories, or perhaps a reëxperiencing them as they took place by manifesting one's spirit of consciousness within the past from the present.

Qo’llar tepaga / Куллар тепага (Get Your Hands Up!)

29 Jan 2014

U.S. Government bans University of Copenhagen from offering free class on Constitutional Struggles to students in Syria, Sudan, Iran and Cuba.

Statement from professor:

I have thus been informed that my students in Cuba, Syria, Sudan and my homeland will no longer be able to access this course. I leave it to you to ponder whether this course is indeed a weapon and if so against what and what possible benefit the average American citizen could possibly derive from restricting access to it. ...

[R]est assured that these are not the values of the University of Copenhagen, of its Faculty of Law, and most assuredly not mine! ...

[A]s a recipient of a McCloy Scholarship created to foster trans-Atlantic friendship and as someone who spent some of his most formative years in the United States, I have to admit that I am worried about the path this country is descending to. Blocking teaching (and medicine) from people whose government one doesn’t like is a fallback into the darkest hours of the last century. ...

25 Jan 2014

The amazing Rap News, produced in Wurundjeri Land, is back for Season 2, opening in time for Australia Day!

20 Jan 2014

Lest we forget, in 1964 the US Federal Bureau of Investigation sent Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. an anonymous threatening letter calling him a fraud and encouraging him to kill himself:

Letters of Note: “Like all frauds your end is approaching”

This was not atypical behavior for the FBI which has engaged in this behavior for decades. Currently, the FBI’s main activity is constructing and executing terrorist plots against the United States, for the purpose of arresting the people that FBI agents recruit to participate in the terrorist plots that the FBI invented and organized:

Mother Jones: The Informants
The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism

These are all documented facts and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. These people are the bad guys folks. Very very bad, evil people at the FBI, who for decades have terrorized and intimidated innocent people and civil rights advocates throughout the world in pursuit of totalitarianism and a police state driven by fear. They are at war against the people. They are enemies of democracy and freedom.

19 Jan 2014

Yemen set up counselling centre for children traumatised by drone strikes

CIA drone strikes in Yemen have killed an estimated 42 children. In March last year, Dr Peter Schaapveld, an expert in psychological trauma assessment and treatment told British MPs, following a trip assessing victims and communities in Yemen, that US drones in the country were “causing a psychological emergency.” (http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/18108)

Reprieve Legal Director Kat Craig said: “In places like Yemen, the US drone programme is terrorising entire civilian populations, nearly half of which are children.

17 Jan 2014

Tribal nations are tired of waiting for Uncle Sam to recognize them

16 Jan 2014

Did you know the US military currently has active special operations forces in 134 different countries worldwide?

10 Jan 2014

American soldiers machine gun slaughter a four year old boy. Claim bad visibility made it so they couldn’t tell he wasn’t a terrorist. US is currently “negotiating” to stay long past the 2014 withdrawl deadline.

“As the weather was dusty, the marine forces based there thought he was an enemy and opened fire.”

In this form of logical reasoning, the child killing was justified, because “dusty weather”.

30 Dec 2013

Interesting RT inteview of Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, with transcript.

30 Dec 2013

Tip for Mac users with multiple audio devices: try option-clicking on the Speaker Icon in your system Menu Bar, the one that has the volume slider, for a device switching menu. When was this useful secret function added? Don’t know!

29 Dec 2013

“I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on”

A drone operator speaks about the accuracy of drone cameras, and the psychological effects of knowing you are killing innocent people.

"[T]he video provided by a drone is a far cry from clear enough to detect someone carrying a weapon, even on a crystal-clear day with limited clouds and perfect light. This makes it incredibly difficult for the best analysts to identify if someone has weapons for sure.”

“UAV troops are victim to not only the haunting memories of this work that they carry with them, but also the guilt of always being a little unsure of how accurate their confirmations of weapons or identification of hostile individuals were.”

"[W]e are trained to not experience these feelings, and we fight it, and become bitter. Some troops seek help in mental health clinics provided by the military, but we are limited on who we can talk to and where, because of the secrecy of our missions. I find it interesting that the suicide statistics in this career field aren’t reported...”

This is just obvious stuff, anyone who has looked at the feeds of drone cameras know they can’t identify people at all, and we know from reports that drones seldom go after specific targets based on solid intelligence data, but instead drone operators just cruise around looking for people to kill like it’s a video game, with the criteria being things like people gathered together (assumed to be a terrorist meeting, turns out to be kids in the garden with grandma), cars traveling near each other on a stretch of road (assumed to be a militant convoy, ends up being family travelling in multiple cars to a wedding). Minor story here having a drone operator discussing some of it.

27 Dec 2013

$607 billion military spending bill signed into law

23 Dec 2013

Should “The System” be burned to the ground? This man thinks so.

22 Dec 2013

70 sailors dying from radiation exposure during Fukushima reactor operations

Sailors were exposed to radiation levels 300 times higher than safe, and were covered with radiactive “snow”, the word for visible fallout that landed on their ship, which was represented to them as so safe it was OK to scrub it off the deck while not wearing any safety equipment, or being trained in radiactive fall out clean up methods. Now they are suffering from ailments such as leukemia, testicular cancer, thyroid polyps, shrunken limbs, and bleeding so profuse transfusions are needed.

“The toxic seawater was sucked into the ship’s desalinization system, flowing out of its faucets and showers — still radioactive — and into the crew member’s bodies.”

“People were s- -tting themselves in the hallways.”

“Two weeks after that, my lymph nodes in my neck were swollen. By July, my thyroid shut down.”

Despite this, authorities and corporate representatives in both Japan and the US continue to downplay the incident, claim that the lost molten cores currently sinking towards water tables are not a problem, and have dealt with elevated levels of radiation found in parts of the US, and in produce, by ordering that the radiation detectors be turned off.

16 Dec 2013

Stop the kidnapping of Indigenous children.

15 Dec 2013

Vestibulo-Occular Reflex

Via NPR.

14 Dec 2013

Music Brings Memories Back to the Injured Brain

Not quite as dramatic as the title sounds, but still interesting. Researchers used Top 40 pop songs that were hits during the subject’s lifetime and it turned out that songs that they liked and remembered brought up forgotten memories from those times. Which I think everyone has experienced and is therefore not surprising. But you know the “science” press, everything is represented a shocking and unexpected major pioneering breakthrough. Still, having a formal study to cite can be helpful for those who worship and call for citations. Citations are the same tool as a witch doctor’s hoof rattle. Impressive sounding and might make the treatment seem more real to both doctor and patient.

13 Dec 2013

The Story of Trees for Cars

12 Dec 2013

Air strike kills 15 civilians in Yemen by mistake: officials

US terrorization operations against innocent people continued today as the US military, which is supported and enabled by the financial and moral support of the uneducated, ignorant and violent US populace, brutally murdered 15 innocent tribal people on the way to a wedding today in Yemen. Each and every american is personally responsible for the actions of the terrorist government that they support. The US military is widely known as the largest and most powerful terrorist organization in the world today and is a threat to peace and to the lives of billions of people that the colonialist construct now known as the US seeks to control, exploit and destroy. These war crimes serve no purpose and never have. They are committed because of the irredemably evil nature of the criminal organization now known as the US, part of an evil pattern or force which has been ongoing since the genocide against the indigenous rightful owners of this hemisphere began. There can be no peace or safety to the inhabitants of this planet until this construct ceases its evil terrorist behavior and stops delighting and reveling in the sadistic murder of tribal peoples groups throughout the world and throughout history.

11 Dec 2013

Interactive Piano Installation at Union Station.
(staged marketing video, but would be cool if real since there are people actually doing similar interactive projects)

2 Dec 2013

Latest must-have music gear.

22 Nov 2013

Former CIA agent Philip Giraldi discusses how sports are used to spread military jingoism and worship of endless warfare.

Related article on how many Hollywood films receive valuable services from the US military, such as the use of real soldiers, weapons and equipment for their films when they agree to Pentagon propaganda experts reviewing and making script changes so that the films portray the US military and America’s endless wars as justified and righteous.

The influence of the Pentagon extends to partnerships with pop stars to release military recruitment videos under the guise of art.

22 Nov 2013

New evidence of British genocide against Irish citizens. British carried out official orders to assassinate unarmed Irish citizens. As all illegal occupation forces do, the British claim absolute immunity from war crimes prosecution, just as the US tried to demand in Iraq, and is currently demanding under the agreement now being negotiated for US military to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely, in order to provide a strong arm to and prop up the western corporation friendly puppet government that has been set up.

Army ‘sanctioned shoot-to-kill policy’ in Belfast

British army execution squad murdered Irish civilians. Used drive by shootings designed to instil terror in the Irish populace.

British special forces disguise selves as Arab terrorists, murder Iraqi police in cold blood, and are captured while driving car full of improvised explosives manufactured by the British but clearly meant to stage further false-flag “al qaeda” terror operations designed, planned and executed by white british military agents.

18 Nov 2013

The American Police State

17 Nov 2013

Be a journalist, lose your citizenship.

Jeff Silverman was born a US citizen in Washington DC and later served in the US Army. He got an MS in Agricultural Development and ended up living in the nation of Georgia where he worked as a journalist and reported on corruption.

After investigating the US’s covert military support for Chechen rebels and angering those in power, the United States Government now claims to have revoked Silverman’s US citizenship, without trial or conviction of any crime, and he is now considered a stateless citizen.

It is an interesting case not just as another example of the US government’s ongoing war against independent journalists, but because it was previously believed that the US could only revoke a person’s citizenship after due process, and only in the most extreme circumstances, such as fighting against the US as an enlisted member of an enemy military.

Affidavit by US Government claiming he is not a US citizen but an alien (foreigner).

There are also problems with him having been beaten nearly to death several times:

17 Nov 2013

Police in US kill 8 times more people than “terrorists” do.

17 Nov 2013

Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku speaks out against dangerous rogue nations run by strongmen with a fetish for violence who pander to fear.

13 Nov 2013

Starting rigorous academics at too young an age provides no intellectual advantage and damages children’s attitude and interest in learning.

Studies have compared groups of children in New Zealand who started formal literacy lessons at ages 5 and 7. Their results show that the early introduction of formal learning approaches to literacy does not improve children’s reading development, and may be damaging. By the age of 11 there was no difference in reading ability level between the two groups, but the children who started at 5 developed less positive attitudes to reading, and showed poorer text comprehension than those children who had started later. In a separate study of reading achievement in 15 year olds across 55 countries, researchers showed that there was no significant association between reading achievement and school entry age.

The author also provides a pdf report that discusses and cites numerous studies supporting his thesis that play based learning is more effective than academic style training featuring memorization, drilling, scores, grades, and rows of seats.

Given that overwhelming research evidence has shown that the current approach taken by most schools in the US is counterproductive, damaging and ineffective, and this research is not hard to find, one must ask why US schools continue to pursue these ineffective and damaging styles of schooling. It can’t be ignorance since the research is public, therefore it must be intentionally. Is it really as some say that the Prussian design of schools to be training for people competent enough to design and operate factory machines, but otherwise uncurious and accepting of political and financial systems of oppression and enslavement. Is it something to do with a cult mentality, that this is simply the way it is done and questioning it is forbidden? What exactly are the goals of various state run education systems?

10 Nov 2013

The United States’ deep seated fear of freedom is behind its obsession with control, torture, and human rights abuses. Such a rogue state posses a direct threat to the peace and security of other nations. The United States can not be considered a modern liberal democracy by reasonable persons.

I don’t really agree with much of the article’s validation of the genocide against indigenous peoples, but it has some interesting quotes.

“Autocrats need an enemy -- always an internal enemy and sometimes an external one, too -- to legitimize violence and coercion, and to generate allegiance.”

6 Nov 2013

US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Americans Since 9/11

4 Nov 2013

Doctors and Psychiatrists working for the CIA and Defense Department were involved in torture, abuse, etc and against prisoners and so-called “detainees”.

We already knew this, but the new information here is that the medical so-called professionals involved in these crimes mentally justified their own complicity in the torture by arguing to themselves that it was not really a violation of professional ethics since the prisoners were not ill, and therefore they were not actually patients, and therefore the Hippocratic Oath and other medical ethical issues just don’t apply, as they see medical ethics as something that only applies to actual patients who are sick. Watch out healthy medical research participants! Now that we know the industry doesn’t consider ethics to apply to you, they can do as they please with a clear conscience according to this new system of “reasoning”.

The article consistently presents their involvement as something they were forced to do by their employers. But in the world of actual reality, as opposed to cynically constructed self-serving la la land fantasy, no doctor can be forced to torture someone against the doctor’s own will. Unlike being a torture victim, being a torturer is a voluntary act. It was done willfully and intentionally. Each and every one of these war criminals should be identified, delicensed, and tried in a tribunal with other war criminals. What they did was the same as what Josef Mengele did and they should be treated with the same regard.

One should also be aware that medical privacy does not exist in the west and you can not trust your doctor — all of them are required to hand over your private medical data to the military and other authorities when requested and none that I can find have ever refused or challenged in court these requests. They may claim that they have no choice, that is just “the law”, but lots of atrocities have historically been committed under the guise of the state-defined legality. The key is you never hear doctors complaining or protesting against this practice. They support the rape of patient privacy implicitly, through their silence and joyful cooperation with tyrants.

31 Oct 2013

Study shows many “experts” that news channels interview on war issues actually work for defense contractors, own large positions in war industry stocks, or in other ways benefit financially and professionally from advancing war, yet this is almost never disclosed by the media interviewing them.

An example given is Stephen Hadley who has been making the rounds advocating for war against Syria and Iran, and is presented as a former national security advisor, never once mentioning that he is currently the director of Raytheon who makes the Tomahawk cruise missiles that will be used to attack Syria, and owns $891,189 shares of company stock, which will increase in value should war against Iran and/or Syria commence.

The media channels that interview him are perfectly aware of his position and his financial gain from promoting his position. How credible should the public consider each and every media network (including for example CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and Bloomberg TV) which fails to mention this conflict of interest each time they trot such individuals out and present them as experts doing an impartial and level analysis of facts. Should such a practice be considered true journalism, or should these networks, many of which themselves are owned by defense contractors like GE, mere propaganda outlets for war, torture, murder, and genocide? If the latter, should such institutions be respected? Or should they be considered enemies of the peoples of the earth, enemies of peace, and war criminals themselves?

The analysis is long, but if you refuse to read it and understand what it says, you too are responsible for genocide and are complicit in enabling these war mongering sadistic murderers and psychopaths.

30 Oct 2013

Survivors of ongoing American genocide attacks against tribal peoples speak to the 5 members of Congress who could be bothered to show up to listen.

24 Oct 2013

Drone operator regrets his part in killing 1,626 people.

That article came out a few months ago in which he expressed regret for his part in the killing of so many people, including children. After it came out, 157 of his “brothers in arms” defriended him:

The backlash from the drone community was immediate and fierce. Within days, 157 people on Bryant’s Facebook page had de-friended him. “You are a piece of shit liar. Rot in hell,” wrote a former Air Force comrade. In a sort of exercise in digital self-flagellation, Bryant read thousands of Reddit comments about himself, many filled with blistering vitriol and recrimination. “I read every single one of them,” he says. “I was trying to just get used to the negative feelings.” The spectrum of critics ranged from those who considered drone warfare a crime against humanity to combat veterans who thought Bryant was a whiner. He’d had death threats as well—none he took seriously—and other people said he should be charged with treason and executed for speaking to the media.

Follow up article:

Confessions of a Drone Warrior

20 Oct 2013

Glenn Greenwald chats with Scottish “journalist”/GCHQ apologist Kirsty Wark

18 Oct 2013

US airports are beginning to install detention pods for all passengers. In order to be permitted to leave an airport, disembarking passengers must pass through a secure individual chamber which has robotic entrance and exit doors and wait as they are scanned. The exit door is capable of not opening for some passengers, perhaps those wanted for interrogation, detention, beating, harassment, or other purposes. As is typical, passengers are represented by the state controlled media as appreciating the safety the security and convenience that mandatory detention pods bring. The populace reacts this way because state schools and media indoctrinate them to believe the State does no wrong. Thus, all dystopian police state measures are presumed to affect only to those who “have something to hide”.

NBC: ”Syracuse airport is testing out a new security measure where people have to be individually cleared to leave the airport."

18 Oct 2013

Jacob Collier is a brilliant arranger and vocalist from London who performs his own microtonal sextet arrangements of various jazz, funk, and musical show tunes from the mid 20th century. He is notable for creating very nicely mathematically worked out harmonically tuned chord progressions reminescent of some rare vocal recordings I’ve heard from the 1940s and 1950s. But it’s not just about the math, amazingly these tunes carry an emotional punch and impact that carries you right along and is not unnerving or alienating at all.

Here’s a performance including pure intervals up to at least the 11th harmonic.

You may remember this next tune from the Willy Wonka movie, but probably not with these progressions. This shows some really fresh ways to work up a new and exciting harmony to go with a given melody line. I particularly enjoyed the arrangement of the “nothing to it” ascending lines here.

One of his signature moves is to end pieces on chords that no piece has ever been ended on before, and I must say it works really well.

Just intonation and polyphonic harmonic choral singing have lots of possibilities that have been mostly unexplored. For whatever reason unimaginative composers for decades have remained chained to the 5 limit as if Renaissance technology is as far as music can go. It’s energizing to at last see capable work in the field. Collier’s work is immensely popular and some of his pieces have hundreds of thousands of views.


Some interesting testimony and interviews given by Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer.

And here the story ends.