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May 11 2015: Chris Burden (1946 - 10 May 2015)

Artist Chris Burden has walked on after at age 69 after a life well lived. Chris was known for purchasing network airtime as commercial spots to showcase his work which otherwise would not have had as broad an audience.

Chris Burden - TV Commercials 1973-1977

May 6 2015: Emirates Mars Mission

Emirates Mars Mission

May 2 2015: What They Took Away

Naawakamig (aka Dennis Banks in Anishaabe/Ojibwa): What They Took Away

April 30 2015: new instrumental piece from Abdulaziz Zokirov

Abdulaziz Zokirov - Andijon polka | Абдулазиз Зокиров - Андижон полка

April 11 2015: Rap News #31

Rap News 31: The EuroDiVision Contest - feat. Merkel, Žižek & IMF

There are more than 7 billion people living on earth.

A few dozen or hundeds of these persons, at the most, are humbly creating beautiful works of everlasting relevance, and energetic elevation. Advancing towards a future where humanity is not extinct because a cult of hatred and madness was accepted as the predominant paradigm.

Given this, what should be done?

Should these creators of beautiful things be destroyed? Should they be shat upon? Should they be arrested and tortured?

That is your paradigm to be sure. History until the present day validates this.

Decide and choose this: Is that the path you yourself really wish to take?

If you choose this path, you are welcome do do so. As a free agent, it is your choice.

Chiribim Chiribom with Bonya & Kuzmich

Боня и Кузьмич (Bonya and Kuzmich) are still causing troubles in Perm Krai. Witness their latest masterpiece cover of Dj Lhasa's Chiribim Chiribom.

It's theoretically possible (though clearly inconceivable) that some cultural slowpokes missed this couple's amazing Texas Cage Match featured in "Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Bonya & Kuzmich". If some how you missed this global phenomenon, now is your chance to catch up with what can only reasonably be considered to be among the greatest artifacts of global civilization.

A Parable

On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

“What is written in the Law?” he replied. “How do you read it?”

He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

“You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do this and you will live.”

But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by the police. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. A devoted church-goer happened to be going down the same road and saw the attack and the man. He crossed to the other side of the road, clucking his tongue. Later, he thought to himself, "I am so glad the police are here to protect us. That deviant should have not been doing whatever he was doing!" So too, a Quaker, and a Presbyterian, as they came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. Finally a Methodist, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took cut out the man's intestines and sliced off his testicles, in a reenactment of exactly what devoted and popular Methodist Pastor John Chivington and his troops actions at the Sand Creek Massacre. He wore the vagina of one of the woman he mutilated as a hat band while he gave public speeches about his killing, to great acclaim and adulation by the american populace. He also removed a man's testicles to dry and use as a bag for his dice, in the same manner that US soldiers did at Sand Creek, which is a historical fact. US President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Methodist Pastor John Chivington's actions here were among the most holy, righteous and christian acts that had even been performed by god fearing christians on the great plains against the savage tribes. Another member of the pastor's church then sought out the beaten and killed man's daughter, raped her and set her and her family on fire, in the manner of holy and righteous Christian US soldiers in Iraq. He then put a hood on the man and forced him to stand on a box for many hours while electrodes were attached to his testicles, and sodomized the man, in the manner of US soldiers at Abu Gharib prison. He then firebombed the man's village with Napalm, in the manner of the US in Vietnam. He then dropped a nuclear bomb on the man's people in the manner of the US against innocent civilians at Hiroshima. He then sent hundreds of drones to the man's village to bomb his grandmother and other relatives while they were doing gardening and attending weddings.

“Which of these men do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of attackers?”

The expert in the law replied, “The things you have spoken of are the most horrific crimes against people I have ever heard of and twisted beyond the imagination of ordinary men. None of the people you mention were neighbors to the man. They were all as vile demons devoted to absolute evil. Any and all that supported or defended their crimes were complicit as well. All these men, their supporters, and their very nation itself are eternally damned if there is the least modicum of justice in the universe.”

Jesus told him, “Again, have answered correctly.”

April 4 2015

http://rt.com/news/246665-us-attempts-donimation-gorbachev/ This article is misunderstood. What does it mean to say that anyone who tries to unilaterally control the world will fail? The key to his statement is the qualifier "unilaterally". He's not calling for freedom and independence for all safe from colonization, he's calling for a merging of states to create a global government.

April 1 2015

No entries on this day, to prevent confusion.

Spring 2015: Beloved Kyrgyz Relatives

Айнур Бердикулова / Санат нугу / Нукура Кыргызча / жаңы клип-2014

Нооруз Алымбаев 'Көк жөтөл'

Гулнур Сатылганова Туулган жерди сагынуу
So beautiful and also so very similar to our great basin in the time before.

Beloved Kyrgyz Relative Гулзада Рыскулова

Gulzada,Гулжигит Калыков - Жалын бий
Dancing from dawn to night amongst the earth, sky, water and fire

Гүлзада Рыскулова - Мен кыргыздын кызымын
This region is where the original Amazons came from, the women warriors the Greeks were terrified and fascinated by. Beautiful, gentle, modest, and hard workers. But threaten their family or people, and they will put on armor, grab their weapons, get on their horse, and come and kill both you, and your entire army. Who defeated the entire army of Cyrus the Great and personally decapitated him after Cyrus harmed her son, in what Herodotus described as the fiercest battle which ever took place in history? It wasn't a man. Women are greatly respected and feared for their strength, agility, artistic talent, and perseverance.

Гулзада — Курманбек / Gülzade Rızkulova — Kurmanbek
Rocking out

Гулзада — Курманбек / Gülzade Rızkulova — Kurmanbek

Гулзада's power song Курманбек can be seen again above here in this version with intense sword-and-horse steppe warfare action. Note that over-the-top-insanely-cool subtitles are present in Turkic Runes aka Göktürk script. This script is not related to Futhark despite having several similar shapes. These particular subtitles are specifically in Orkhon script based on the orientation of the ky and the y and that the i has a corner rather than a branch.

It's certainly possible there's a more bad-ass music video out there somewhere. It's just not very likely.

I think the warfare shown above is related to problems the Kyrgyz were having with the Uyghur Bayanchur Khan massacring them for absolutley no reason back in 758 which resulted in a thoughtful reëvaluation of their peaceful nature, a rebuilding of their culture, arming up, and then invading the Uyghur Khanate in 840 with 80,000 horsemen and burning all the cities to the ground.

Гулзада Дунуйо
The traditional of epic poetry goes back hundreds or thousands of years.

Гүлзада - Толгонуу
Family interconnections and descendency throughout the eons.

Гүлзада — Жаз / Gulzada — Spring
Springtime, from the perspective of a tree and spring as a metaphor for rebirth of indigenous identity.

Гулзада Жер эне
Celebrating the joy of daily life, and sharing many subtle cool details of neat things that might otherwise be overlooked.

Beloved Kyrgyz Relative Каныкей

Каныкей - Куурчак / Kanykei - The Puppet
A stunning animation filled with powerful insights

Каныкей Сарала
Rocking out with incredible and delicately intoned and emotively compelling vocal lines

If you like Kanykei's rock work there, you might also enjoy her profound work as a film composer in masterpieces such as the biopic of the legendary Kurmanjan Datka, a traditional and powerful woman warrior of the 19th century. This is not just ancient history.

Kurmanjan Datka / КУРМАНЖАН ДАТКА. Also here and here.
(The nasal sound is not auto-tune, it's a traditional khamryn khoomii singing technique which Kanykei uses in most of her work.)
Kurmanjan Datka was an incredible 19th century warrior who unified 40 different Altai tribes to defend themselves against the Russians.

Most Massive Genocide in History

1. 2012 Interview with Russell Means

2. Brief RT Documentary on Indigenous history and issues

March 13 2015 : Galdr

Lovely expressive singing from Gulasal Abdullayeva.

Gulasal - Galdr 1,2 | Гуласал - Галдр 1,2

Observant viewers might notice the method of playing the bowed string instrument, which is fairly common outside the west.

March 13 2015 : US Declares State of National Emergency

US having a hard time trying to figure out which nation to invade or subvert next. Venezuela does export about a million barrels of oil a day to the US, which curiously was not included in the various trade embargoes the US has unilaterally levelled against the country.

Declaring a state of national emergency is a special legal power reserved to the president by the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917. It establishes a type of martial law and expanded presidential dictatorial powers, including partial suspension of the constitition, in particular Habeas Corpus is suspended, as is the right to a jury in some cases, and various other laws contingent on this state existing then come into play.

It's not that rare, we've had more than 30 of them in the last few years, and it can reasonably be said the US has been in a state of martial law more often than not due to the exercise of these frequent declarations on various flimsy pretenses. Many were never revoked and overlap with each other, or were renewed as in the case of the ongoing State of National Emergency regarding Iran which has been periodically renewed since 1979 and still exists. In the last 75 years there's not been a single day the US wasn't in one declared state of national emergency or another, and often multiple parallel emergencies.

Despite this there are still a lot of cranks out there who go around saying the US is a free country and not a police state. Seriously guys? Come on. Look around you. Learn some history.

One of the only independent and trustworthy media organizations left has this to say:

Obama absurdly declares Venezuela a security threat

Democracy Now reported a couple days ago on the clown car politics in play at the Whitehouse:

State Department Announces New "Long-standing" Policy Against Backing Coups

Basically it's no big deal and business as usual, this all is just a FYI. Most people don't seem to be aware that the US has been in an ongoing state of national emergency with partially suspended constitutional protections for decades, or at least are not concerned much by this state of affairs.

March 14 2015 : Western Thought

Is 12 equal the tuning of profound ignorance? Is its adoption emblematic of the supreme and extreme ignorance of western cultures? Are those who use and adopt this tuning without questioning it pathetic ignorant simpletons indulging in unthinking uneducated and unconsidered cultural supremacism aka racist ignorance?

March 13 2015 : M.I.A

Here are a few modest truths from our lovely Sri Lankan Tamil independence advocate, speaking on behalf of freedom and autonomy of indigenous people everywhere.

Hang with it if you love freedom. Or don't. It genuinely makes no difference. In a democracy, your single vote counts for absolutely nothing, so it hardly matters.

Live fast. Die Young. Bad girls do it well.

Better to live well than not at all, surely, yes? A message of freedom.

M.I.A. - "Bad Girls"

March 12 2015 : Razor

More truth and delicate perspective from our great brother Wysgys, a purveyor of truth and reality.

ШYNGYS - Ұстараs

Previous brilliance from our gentle and beautiful brothers of ШYNGYS:

Genocidal western cowards trembling in their ghettos of white supremacism and fear like the ignorant and uneducated white conformists they are may wish to skip these beautiful works of art.

Some have asked us, would it matter if these works were microtonal? The answer is oh yes oh most definitely yes. How could anyone be so ignorant after all these years to even ask or wonder such? The answer is yes, all these works would be tremendously more powerful outside of western tunings, in the same way than an atomic bomb is more useful with uranium than it is with lead or sand. Does it even matter though? European culture is in love with itself, whatever that self is proclaimed to be, no matter the historical background or scientific reality. 12 is your destiny my little white monkeys. The reality is this culture is equivalent to festering feces. A culture of theft, lies, and murder. Embrace the destiny that is presented to you by your imperialist masters, isn't that more comfortable? Go back to sleep and your blissful oblivion of genocide and ignorance. Forget you ever read this blog my friends. Clearly it was written by a madman, for that is what your handlers have taught you and you are incapable of questioning the so-called truths they spoon-feed you. Restful slumber, come now. Sleep, my little monkeys. How pleasant this slumber is for your tired and weary noggins!

March 11 2015 : ¥our Ongoing Struggle Against Imperialism and Ignorance

This blog, as it advocates indigenous ways of peace and tolerance, rather than exploitation and destruction of the environment in the service of the world hating so-called divinities of western cultures, is an exceptionally unpopular blog, more so than that of genocidal war mongering killers.

If you read our words and envision our possible worlds, you are already on watch-lists maintained by so-called western "intelligence agencies" as a potential so-called "terrorist". Merely observing these opinions threatens your family. Dare you continue reading it? Or should you instead retreat to the comfort and safety of your ancestral roman culture of destruction and genocide?

It is not too late. Choose knowledge. Choose harmony. Choose peace. Choose a future for the human race. Choose indigenous ways. Become educated to the truth of history, and of the future.

March 7 1965 : Selma March

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first attempted march from Selma to Birmingham Alabama in support of voting rights.

To those people who marched, to those beaten by police, and to those who were murdered: Thank you for your service. It is not forgotten.

March 6 2015 : New Umidaxon video

Hilarious new video from Umidaxon. Mind the break; quite a few Transoxianian videos have creative and unorthodox breaks in them.

Umidaxon - Serial | Умидахон - Сериал

Umidaxon's grandparents were North Korean immigrants forcibly relocated to Transoxiania under the period of Soviet domination, during which tens of thousands of North Koreans were relocated from their homeland to Transoxiania to work on cotton plantations and in mines. Umidaxon has embraced and identified strongly with the heritage of the homeland of her birth, and she has made many beautiful videos embracing the richness of her heritage, many which identify very strongly with Transoxianian lineage and ancestry. This particular video is being discussed cautiously since Umidaxon chose to include traditional Korean dress in the guise of a character in a serial TV show. There is nothing to worry about though, Umidaxon clearly connects and honors her ancestors in her birth homeland, Transoxiana.

16829-Qism Tugadi at the end of the video means "End of Part 16829". Perhaps this is meant to suggest that if this serial TV show appears on weekdays, it has been on air for 16829/(5*52) = 65 years ... or even more.

February 24 2015 : Aral Sea Restoration Project

As you probably are aware, when the white Soviets colonized the Transoxianan region, they felt they knew better than local people how to manage their land, and in the pursuit of efficiency and profit engaged in an agricultural program that resulted in draining the vibrant and alive Aral Sea, which was the fourth largest inland sea in the world. It then created a new vast desert, the Aralkum, dead and covered with salt and so much pesticide residue that mothers are advised not to breastfeed as their milk containes too many toxins from simply being in this environment.

Having totally destroyed the environment, and watched as their economy collapsed, the white russians moved on to other projects where they, along with their british, dutch, spanish and american cousins in colonialist white supremacist genocidal thought, presumed to know what was best for everyone and enforce that belief with guns, bombs, rape, looting and endemic genocide, like all settler colonialists do.

Anyway, a dam construction project has some hope of restoring a small section of the Aral sea, but even with that, things are still very bad here due to settler colonialism and what white culture does to people and the world.

Read about it: Waiting for the sea

The BBC link as is typical contains a lot of bullshit and lies designed to promote the UK genocide agenda by trying to pin these crimes on the indigenous people rather than the colonialists who did it. It also almost totally neglects to mention the historical context of the situation. So it's clever propaganda. But it provides some good photos of the situation.

February 21 2015 : 50th Anniversary

Today is the 50th anniversary of the murder of Malcolm X.

February 10 2015 : new video from Munisa Rizaeva

Munisa Rizaeva - Afsona | Муниса Ризаева - Афсона

Lovely imagery and symbolism here. From the clothing styles, the medieval towers, the Latin Blackrobes, and the presence of the ruins of an agora's colonnade in the final battle scene, we can place this video as likely taking place in Smyrna during the campaigns of Temur. The colonnade in the set uses doric order capitals rather than the corinthian order capitals of the actual archeological site, so this identification is not certain. If Smyrna is correct, then the Latin Blackrobes shown would likely be members of the militant Order of Saint John.

There's a fantastic statue of Temur on horseback at the Amir Timur Museum in Tashkent, which was built to commemorate his 660th birthday. There's also a dramatic statue of him in Shahrisabz where he was born in 1336.

Temur did much work to restore the civilization, tolerance and love of science and knowledge that had been established during the unification, peace, freedom and humanism brought during the age of the Khanates. This civilizing had been won at great cost, but had begun to be lost as the ongoing primitive savagery and barbarism from the religious cult of roman colonialism spread, along with its lack of respect for people, its racism, intolerance, and genocide mentality. These barbaric influences spread widely during the age of its first widespread power, known as europe's first major "Dark Ages" of ignorance and widespread poverty and disease.

Temur's grandson Ulugh Beg was notable as well as a great scientist, intellectual, ruler and leader. He built the Ulugh Beg Observatory in Samarkand, one of the largest observatories in the world at the time. He made new observations of astronomical data and cross checking existing sources corrected numerous errors that were present in classical works. To assist in these tasks, he compiled trigonometric data tables to eight decimal points, the most accurate and precise done to date. He also was a prominent medical researcher who made new research discoveries, as well as a poet and rhetoricist who debated publically against others using a lyrical rap-battle style.

Alas those educated by western schools will likely have learned little about these notable figures and the work they did to advance science and knowledge since such modern western schools typically instead focus on the supposed great accomplishments of western culture during this time. For example, western culture's advancement of cholera, advancement of the black plague, advancement of the bulbonic plague, burning of books, torture and burning of healers with medicinal knowledge of plants, and the spread of poverty.

The title of this song is Afsona. Afsona is a word in Uzbek, Tajik, and Farsi which means legend or story, something told in the storytelling tense as opposed to a historical account. Thus, although this video takes place during a particular historical period with recognizable groups and locations visible, the story told about the crystal or star is more poetic and is not about an actual event.

The lyrics of the videos do not always relate to the events depicted. Munisa often combines lyrics about love gone wrong with cinematography and choreography depicting traditional symbols and historical events. The first two verses of Afsona are "Meni kechir, endi seni kechirolmayman", which I think means "My forgiveness, now yours I can't forgive." and "Ayblama, yetar boshqa chidolmayman" which I think means "The blame, it's enough, besides that I can't endure."

Meni (mine) kechir (forgive) means "my forgiveness" or "forgive me". (Kechirasiz means excuse me.) endi (now) seni (yours) kechirolmayman (forgive I can't) - means Now yours I can't forgive. So the first line is "I forgave you, now you forgive me." Ayblama (blame), yetar (it's enough) boshqa (besides that) chidolmayman. (Endure I can't : chidam is endure, chida- is to last) So "Your blame, enough now, except for that I could endure." Tushunaman means Understand I do. Tushunmayman means Understand I don't. Bilaman - Speak I do. Bilmayman - Speak I don't. Men kutolmayman - I wait for I can't. kut- wait/wait for chida- to last OL- : tense aspect modality p123 - to take, and refers to ability to do something. (ie can work, can come) what is men vs meni. is it Me/I vs my? mening = my men = I menga = me (object pronoun) meni = ? -A BIL- refers to ability to, in sense of knowing how to

If you enjoyed that work, you'll likely love Munisa's stunning and gorgeous 2011 video Ayrilma Yor (Don't Walk Away). What is known as the circus originated in central asia and was well established by the time of Alexander and Roxana. The name circus itself comes from its origin as an sacred indigenous sun festival, which the Bactrians introduced to the Greeks, with the Greek name referring to Κίρκη's responsibility to organize annual festivals in honor of her father, the Sun, Ἥλιος. In Ayrilma Yor we find ancient tradition represented not just through clothing and environment, but also through the appearance of firebreathers, frame drummers, and jugglers, all of whom appear here with ancient hair and clothing style consistent with the presence and seriousness required for the duties of their office.

Munisa Rizaeva - Ayrilma Yor | Муниса Ризаева - Айрилма ёр | Munisa Rizaeva - Don't Walk Away

This video, in HD quality, sat available and undisturbed for many months until I posted a link to it. At that point, US "intelligence" agencies coerced NSA friendly and controlled YouTube corporation into removing the link to this gorgeous and transcendently beautiful video, posted by the video production company in accordance with their contractual rights. No matter. US agendas and racist supremacy must reign freely in the opinion of such genocide friendly corporations. Fortunately there have been other accounts that have posted this video, also with the full and complete consent of the brilliant and intelligent creative artist who simply wishes her artistry to be known. No doubt the psychopathic US agencies will continue their warfare in their ongoing assaults against indigenous cultures. Thus, the 2-3 readers of this "foolish ignorant" blog maintained by an "obvious terrorist" should view these great and gorgeous works of contemporary indigenous art while they can, before their own psychopathic and murderous western governments censor them.

Perhaps you are ignorant and uneducated, or a victim of propaganda from your own psychopathic and murderous criminal western goverment. If so, you have been told that the culture represented in the music videos I highlight consists of "extremist terrorists" who seek to kill you. These are all entirely lies. Your government, of the so-called United States or Britain/Scotland, spreads these absurd and easily disprovable lies in order to justify their genocide, warfare, murder, pedophilia, torture and theft against innocent gentle people from beautiful cultures. If you believe the lies, even slightly, then you yourself are not only an ignorant person who supports genocide through their ignorance, but you barely can be considered to be a human being. Wake up you ignorant european and american morons. These are beautiful cultures, vastly far superior to the backwards ignorance of the european colonialist roman cultures. If you support your own colonialist culture, you are not a human being.

Given the unequivocable fact that white supremacist theologies such as the Roman christianity of the liar Saul/Paul of Tarsus will lead to the extrermination of the human race, how can it be called anything other than pure and adulturated evil of the highest purity? Truely there is no other persective. The so-called christian western culture of the demonic Constantine the Great is utterly satanic and leads to nothing but evil and death.

January 29 2015 : McCain

“Shut up or I’ll have you arrested….. low-life scum” – John McCain to anti-war activists

The facts shows that Henry Kissinger really is a war criminal. The protest was extremely reasonable. The video also shows tha the Senator shown here is an anti-american anti-freedom, anti-Constitution person, in addition to being a "low life scum" (to borrow his words) who betrayed his family and his country.

Seattle Police pepper-spray School Teacher Jesse Hagopian on MLK Day

Can we even have a Martin Luther King Day march without the so-called "police" violently attacking innocent people including school teachers with chemical weapons?

As of 2015, the answer to that question is still "no". No, we can not. Not yet. Because. Because why? It's not clear. Something to do with white supremacists, but even more to do with the white european colonialist mentality that murdered my family.

January 29 2015 : Moanin'

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Moanin'

January 28 2015 : Ecstasies of Serpents

Гулсанам Мамазоитова has been kicking ass lately. Her traditional work has been wonderful, but the last year she's done an incredible job of integrating her talent into amazing and profound videos that fully retain traditional intonation, but with the jingles and jangles expected that keep modern viewers engaged.

Here is her latest, Сенсизлигимдан:

Gulsanam Mamazoitova - Sensizligimdan | Гулсанам Мамазоитова - Сенсизлигимдан

And here is a repost, as a reminder, of her stunning and gorgeous work Тановор from last year:

Gulsanam Mamazoitova - Tanovar | Гулсанам Мамазоитова - Тановор

January 27 2015 : When the Time is Up

Shahzoda has released a touching and sentimental new composition about the transience and fragility of life.

Shahzoda - Ayrilamiz | Шахзода - Айриламиз

A compelling aspect of many transoxianian and other indigenous pieces is the non-western approaches to time. The song ends, or has a break, when the time is right. It doesn't have to be with a western cadence, or with a fade out. It may in fact be right in the middle of a verse, the song is ready to end, so it ends. And that's it. Deal with it. It's how it is and how it is meant to be.

Meni kechir, spoken at the end, means "Excuse me".

January 26 2015 : Stick a Fork in It

Microtonality is dead.

Xenharmonics are dead.

Compelling, listenable music outside of colonialist white western tuning will never die.

Art lives outside of labels, sects and cults that attempt to constrain, control and coopt human expression and emotion.

January 24 2015 : Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam

Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam.

That link contains information about the disturbing crimes against humanity that inspired Nina to write this song.

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

I went to public schools for many years and at no point during what was called "U.S. History" or "Social Studies" were true facts presented. There was a lot of information for us to memorize and be tested on during many years of "education" at top ranked schools, but none of it was true. It was so many lies and falsehoods. It was not really the fault of the teachers. They believed what they taught for it was what they were taught themselves. It was a systematic problem.

Now that people have access to the truth of history, most teachers and advocates of "U.S." education systems still don't teach or have much interest in historical reality or the truth when that differs from the happy myths they learned as children. Rather than correcting the lies, we hear things such as "That was a long time ago." and "Why should we focus on negative things?"

Despite our being told that things "a long time ago" such as the 1880s or 1930s, are irrelevant, unimportant, and should not be taught in history lessons, schools do still discuss a great number of things they claim happened in 1620 and 1776. However, most of these claims made by most "U.S." public schools are still lies peddled to yet another generation of rubes ready to lap up the lies of their masters, and not knowing any better.

I love Nina Simone and what she says and sings. She is beauty and life and truth. Her enemies are twisted, and there were many of them, she even had to live in exile.

Some corporations are filing claims against Nina Simone music because they want to falsely claim ownership and thus censor her messages of freedom and liberation. Nina was considered a terrorist by the US government and lived her later years in exile overseas. No US corporation has any legitimate legal claim that entitles their claims and censorship of her message. It's all to suppress the truth she speaks.

January 23 2015 : Жоғалған ұрпақ

Last year ШYNGYS came out with a beautiful and chilling rap video. The music group is named after the renowned early 13th century leader who brought together many nations, cast out corrupt rulers, and unrelentingly pursued justice, honesty, tolerance of belief, and unity through diversity.

ШYNGYS - Жоғалған ұрпақ

January 19 2015 : new John Kiriakou interview

Kiriakou is still in prison for the crime of whistleblowing on crimes against humanity committed by the United States government under the direction of the white supremacist Texan George Bush. He was recently interviewed by Andrew Jones of The Intercept.

Prison Dispatches from the War on Terror

December 31 2014 : Surhon guruhi - Ko'pkari

Good news, a fantastic new Ko'pkari themed video, this one from Surhon Guhuri. We've covered Ko'pkari music videos before here, but this one has the best HD videography of the event. Ko'pkari is a popular sport throughout Central Asia and goes by a few different names. It's like football, but done on horseback, with enormous crowds of players, over a vast mountain terrain, and instead of a pigskin you use a full size bloated goat carcass. It requires the ability to pick up from the ground objects that weigh well over 100 lbs, from horseback, at speed, without dismounting. To do so one must be very strong and a very good horseman. The sport utilizes such important skills which are also needed for mounted hunting and warfare, so the development of game skills has great practicality and relevance in regular life as well.

Surhon guruhi - Ko'pkari | Сурхон гурухи - Купкари.

And here the story ends.
“There is no such thing as the voiceless, only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard” — Arundathi Roy
“indio sin tierra no es indio”