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Xiactic Organ of Pri

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Was your life a dream? You were walking home late at night. It was balmy before but now a bit of a chill was settling in, making the walk a bit more comfortable. You were tired and ready to hit the sack, but missed the last bus. How many miles was it home anyway? I guess it was sleep walking, the strangest dreams began. The colors were vivid and you could even smell the mustiness, the wetness of the inland and no longer the saline marine wetness of the near shore. You stumble a bit on something, making you nod awake and realize you are still walking home in the otherworld, the first world, plodding one foot in front of another. That's odd... each stumbling awake time seems less like waking and more like shifting. Shifting, sidestepping through a sort of interdimensional gateway as it were. Shifting and sifting into another world like flour runs through a sieve. Into the another world you went, the world of that different reality, your different life on a distant world, the world you have visited ever before in these recurring dreams. They always pick up about where they left off before. In this world your other memory is restored. Your life in the old place seems less and less real each time. In the new world you have spent more and more time; long ago you gave keeping a journal of these dreams — doing so invaded your other self. Now, you are no longer walking home in this place, are you? In the other place now, a place of rare beauty and mystery, but a world with its own drama and strangeness. A world whose physical laws seem similar but not exact. A world in which new people you meet seem most familiar, being composites of people you have met before — identities protruding from the subspace in a new manifestation of personality. You are home.

track   tuning
1 Nighttime walk quiet glade, transdimensional insects. landing, glowing within you. humming softly, all around 9th root of 7/3
2 Alligator Scamperizo i give assurance these snapping creatures are most friendly 17tET
3 Ahrphck Zo Dance-Magic 2023 we are privileged to witness the ritual dance of life. rarely celebrated, an outsider has never before participated. we look forward to the day when all will be permitted to live Celestial Interference
4 Sihnuan Gamelan the instruments are over eight hundred thousand years old having been tuned by the ancient masters who built the temple of the vortices Pelog from Gamelan Gambang, Krobokan village
5 Synchronicity your arrival at this place is of great importance, you are now beginning to live and to understand 11tET and 17tET
6 The Expanse Beneath a gaseous cryption of high density, do not worry, we can breath as we slice through the mud gates into the lower realms where the devices are kept amongst those beautiful upside down trees. breathe deep! does not the scent inspire? Celestial Interference
7 Sirius' Supper with his Troubled Brother it can not all be as it seems. there are difficulties. there are betrayals. death abounds and surrounds. what can we do next but descend into insanity Ligon Harmonic Mirror #4 and Just Tritone w/spectrums matched
8 Inuition it is so cold now. some recovery will be needed. melancholy elegance and hardship 88cET
9 Kaelenthe's Lake shimmering silver aquamarine, citrus scents arrayed with earthen aromas. these delicious tang tree cones are of many colours and tastes Ligon Harmonic Mirror #4
10 Echelon/Suns rise on Ilaxth Few have ever had the privilege to see this creature. This is his music, music for him and him alone. It illuminates his secret life to the gentle folk, while revealing nothing to the cruel, the blind, and the willfully ignorant. Celestial Interference, Just Tritone and Aleatoric Katagotan

Certain songs induce a trance state, producing hallucinations and visions of color and motion, some listeners have reported. Many have compared the experience of listening to that of being in another world. Even so, it has not disturbed the very conservative persons, yet it has blown the minds of the extremely avant-garde. Beautiful, bizarre, elegant, weird, energizing and relaxing are all words that have been used to describe this music.

This album should not be possible either technically or in terms of traditional theories and beliefs about the nature of music and hearing: Six of the ten pieces use nonoctave tunings. For persons curious about what is possible with nonoctave tunings, this will certainly be of special interest. Two pieces use Rational Intonation. All of the pieces use unusual tunings, one piece has timbres matched to the tuning used, three pieces make use of polymicrotonality. The moods range from meditative to frentic dance.

The songs were done entirely in realtime on the the Mac and all instruments used are softsynths, with one exception. I used more than 25 different softsynths and softsamplers to make the album. The album was recorded in both OS 9 and OS X. In OS 9, the retuning was done using LMSO and in OS X, the retuning was done using LMSO X.

The one exception to the 'all-softsynths' rule is that I did use a Katagotan in one piece. The Katagotan is best described as a unique acoustic instrument of alien design with elements reminiscent of both the guitar and the koto.

The album is available for only $12. Shipping and handling are $3. Persons interested in obtaining this CD can just email me for details.

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