Hot Cocoa

Sometimes in the winter I'll drink hot cocoa late at night, it's mainly for the micronutrients in the cocoa beans, which can clear up mood and thinking when stagnated.

2 cups milk
2 teaspoons dutched cocoa powder
4 teaspoons sugar

Put in a pan and heat at a bit below medium for under 10 minutes, stirring and pushing to break up the cocoa clumps. Makes a 16 oz pint or two 8 oz servings.

Nothing complex here and the recipe is probably printed on the side of the cocoa powder box.

I mention this all because it amazes me that few people do it this way. Instead they'll buy these boxes with single serving envelopes mixed with water that only make 6 ounces. There's 6 or 8 envelopes in the box that costs $3, so it's around 50 cents per 6 oz cup, or $1 per 12 oz mug to make the envelope version, which has low cocoa content, chemical anti-caking agents, uses powdered milk. It has no chi to it, no micronutrients and is sickly sweet, you just feel bloated after the envelope ones, not to mention there is residual aluminum from the envelope.

Making it from scratch, which is trivially easy, only costs the price of the milk. The sugar costs 1/20 cent or so, and the cocoa is $2 for a box that lasts about 3 years. And the result is it tastes like it should.

People who use the envelopes are just being foolish. It doesn't really save any time, costs a fortune, and produces a significantly substandard result.