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i Shawn!  I just turned on the radio for the first time in many moons.  This is a result of a article in the paper today that said that record sales were down and so everyone’s looking for the next big thing, but no one knows what it is. The article mentioned one band I liked and said the radio stations are more open minded now. Right now it’s on 91X.  It’s some kind of R&B soul tune. Hm. I trapped and caught a fab phrase from the article: “When grunge was big, a lot of stations niched-out on grunge...".  What would this sentence mean to someone in 1911?



eez, you guys are totally rude. You could have told me, “Hey we’re focusing on wedding preps on our SD visit and we probably won’t have time to see you,” and that would be totally cool. But what you did is most definitely uncool. It’s not like you.


called Melissa and asked her what she was doing for Easter. Melissa said she was going to a lunch for Christian singles at her church on Easter.  That was interesting as I myself have never been to a church that has any functions for singles. Anyway, I had to do something other than sit around by myself all evening. So I went ahead and went to the performance art pot-luck that I told you about at the Starve Theatre of El Campo Ruse on Saturday night. Now that’s a happening place. I wish you could have come. It was a four-hour weirdness fest extravaganza.  You can bring a performance, food, or cash.  There was rice, beans and coffee.  Candlelit tables. And a real mish-mash assortment of characters unlike any I’ve ever seen:


ot only that but the beans were really really good—the best beans I’ve had. Wha’d they put in those beans anyway? A good mix of different beans. Big beans, little beans. Yum. And just wander up to the buffet table for more coffee. I got totally wired and pumped up and then came home and wrote music for the first time in a long while. It was really inspiring. The mysterious Iraqi guy I’ve told you about was there with his seven-foot tall reggae pal.


lmost every group had a piece dealing with how close they’d been to suicide, which I found to be very interesting.  It seems there’s a certain genius and true originality that comes with bipolar disorder (manic-depressiveness). I think that it’s possible that some heavy-metal/alternative suicide music could be therapeutic, actually preventing suicides. I think the problem’s also partially hormonal — I’m thinking of teen angst here.


 tried adding grape jelly to my eggs after church but they didn’t turn green. So it must depend on some ingredient only found in some types of grape jelly. What brand do you use?


fter returning from church on Easter, I talked to “Tommy”, a beggar on the corner. He told me a joke that involved a guy falling off a ladder and breaking his pecker the night before his wedding and having to get a splint for it.  He said he lived in a shed down the street—the owner let him stay there in return for occasional chores.  He said he he smoked pot because he had too many thoughts and it was the only thing that calmed him down enough to focus and function.  His girlfriend was a blond surfer street-chick. He said he avoided the soup kitchens because they put psycho-active mood-disorder control drugs (he named a few) into the food. Downtown was “too square”. It was full of “psychiatrists and social-workers”.


hat’s all for today. There’s nothing new on the radio, by the way. It’s the same old dull stuff. No wonder no one wants to buy. Bye.


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postscript from 17 years later: Very sadly, and with great heaviness of heart, I now realize the so-called friends I wrote this to are duplicious, materialistic, deceptive liars, and thieves. This realization was extremely unsettling, disturbing and depressing to me and hurt me greatly, but it is what it is and I eventually realized that I must put these events behind me, appreciate what I can from these times, and move on. Regarding the mysterious Iraqi guy, that's an interesting story for another day that became very relevant many years later. Long story short he was a cool guy, but his family that I met had some pretty interesting stuff going on which later became highly relevant in international news. Whoa.

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