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Holofonika - ultradimensional audio from beyond the oonosphere

"I use ultradimensional pathways for all my baking needs."
Li'l Miss
At last! X. J. Scott’s Holofonikatm is available as a VST plugin! 
  • The fastest precision positional audio ever conceived! Runs multiple streams in real time on any PPC processor.
  • Astounding detail and clarity in each 3D audio stream made possible through years of hand crafted holographic audio algorithm development.
  • All parameters can be manipulated in real-time and are sequencable when run in an appropriate VST host — record and playback your dimensional pathways as part of your composition!
  • Genuine, professional positional holographic audio; not a cheap mix-it-up spatializing spoodge bucket, nor a so-called ‘3-D enhancer’.
  • Mac only — let’s support the finest music machines ever made.
"Holofonika transcends normal perception of time and space."

Note: We are sorry, but this page is kept only as an archive. Holofonika is no longer for sale.

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